Monday, April 19, 2010

welcome to a week in our life - monday.

so I decided to follow and do Ali's week in the life... not sure I chose the best week but we shall see. I did mange to take some photos today and of course forgot my camera when the best photo ops presented themselves.. so I hope to only improve over the week.
i am not totally sure what I hope to accomplish this week.. I do hope to document our days and see how being aware of even the small things will help me enjoy life. I do have a plan for compiling it all in an album using Ali's model so I hope to get that part done.. but if I don't at least I have this :)

it was a normal monday.. although I did sneak in another tim's run this morning. (don't tell dave).
I dropped the boys off at Shirly's and went to work. It was a beautiful day today. The sun was shining.
Work was good. Normal.
Picked up the boys from Shirly's. My favorite coversation went like this.
Ari (while driving past a semi) "Yesterday I told Auntie Crystal that I saw a semi when we were at the park"
Mom "Oh yea and what did she say"
Ari "She said she loves semi's! alot."

We went home and had a quiet time... snack of the day was crackers and marshmallows. we got ready and headed outside. It was amazing. The sun was shining strong. And although I am having a hard time revealing my pasty white skin these days I did manage to soak up some rays. So did baby J :)

Thanks to Papa and Grandma our new favorite thing to do is ride the gator.. It provides endless hours of fun. And today only one small tree was driven over.. they are improving their skills daily.

We headed to town and picked up some Norwex boxes (7 of them to be exact) The boys fell asleep in the van so I picked up my mom to wait with them. We went back to their house and my mom and I and the boys walked to the park. They played on the merry go round for almost 1/2 hour. The small things :) Noah referred to it as the dance parade??

After some swinging we headed back for some chalk art on the driveway and a sweet convertible ride to Iceburg's for supper and ice cream. Dave was away all day at some training and I was thankful to hang out with my parents. The boys were happy to play in the dirt pile at Iceburg although the missed having Ruby there and wondered why she was so late.... :)

It was home for baths and stories and a nice easy bed time.
Thank you Monday for a great day. Happy to see what Tuesday has in store.. this time I won't forget my camera at all :)


Amanda said...

Love this. Great idea! I'm looking forward to reading your blog all week!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea!

I like hearing about your days.

Jeff and Melissa said...

I love your Monday, what a great day!

Holly said...

aw what a great day! i think i will enjoy this week a little more cuz i get to read about yours:)

valerie said...

Love this. You should blog "A year in the life" :)

Crystal said...

Awww, I'm glad they missed Ruby. Hopefully by the end of summer, our kids won't have dwindled the dirt pile too much!