Friday, April 13, 2012

forgive me

I want to blog I really do.. but when I go to start (I have like 5 drafts saved) it all come across wrong.. at least I feel it would be wrong.. when I go to write from the heart it comes across as pain.. I am not unhappy but sometimes the hurt I am dealing with from broken relationships and anger over stuff spills out... I don't want to create drama so I will leave my feelings alone for now.. I promise to be back when I can write out of a healed heart and not a broken one..

For now today I celebrate 9 years ago on a rainy Vancouver afternoon when my friend Emily and I walked over to the 13th St house to meet some of the new people who had come in from Calgary to join us on the wake tour.. one of them being my Stallion. Backwards visor, bad jeans and all I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else... he truly completes me... a peak into my journal from that day...