Tuesday, December 26, 2006

dreaming of christmas time...

Our fave hats... brr its cold outside
Noah loving the jolly jumper
Bouncin Ari
Ari would rather nap with Daddy
Noah is all smiles
Noah has a thing for blondes
All the Loewen cousins.. 06
Ari opening presents with Auntie Tam
Christmas morning play time
Just what I wanted under the tree this year!!

Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year.. hopefully this abundance of pics will keep you going for awhile.. we are off to Ontario on friday and I am not sure how much I will be posting.. enjoy the rest of your holiday season.. much love to you and yours.. from us the difran clan....

what the heck *$#&%#*

well christmas has come and gone.. we did have fun for the most part but heres my trouble... my very good boys who sleep so well at home are not having it anywhere else... its really hard since we have been at my parents alot this season...yea sucks. they just scream and it takes alot of patting, sticking soothers in, turning over and just listening to wailing... seriously at home we put them down and they sleep instantly...it takes us sometimes half and hour to get them to nap and forget putting them down for the evening.. yikes!! so all this terror to say i am not looking forward to going to Ontario at the end of the week and having them not want to nap or sleep in a new place.. i just know this will be torture.. so please if you think of it send my boys sleepy thoughts... the next post will be happy with pics of the boys christmas and there new fasination with wrapping paper... its adorable!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

introducing my new best friend...

shes sleek, sharp, doesn't take up much space and is so useful!!

yes folks its my ultimate chopper and it does all Chef Tony said it would. i have been using her to make baby food - and make baby food i do.. i have been filling my freezer each day with a new food. everyone should have an ultimate chopper. the boys have been enjoying there new foods for the most part although Ari is so constipated.. its sad watching him groan and grimace as he tries to push his poop out.. its amazing how he went from runny explosive poo to having such a hard time.. he is on a prune and pear diet until his little tummy can handle it again...not much else going on.. can't believe christmas is coming up so quickly.. i am done all my shopping, baking and wrapping all thats left to do is wait...we leave for ontario the end of next week as well which will be fun.. we havn't been there in a long time and noah and ari have a couple of aunties and a cousin they are dying to meet..hoping it won't mess them up with sleeping and stuff...

now with all this baby food making santa will you bring me a deep freeze PLEASE!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

what a week...

whew.. what a week its been.. we started off the week with an all out loewen family gathering that was fabulous and crazy and tiring all at once. it was my first gathering with children and lets say its definitly not as relaxing.. there are days when i crave my independance and how life used to be..there were kids everywhere and my kids decided they don't like to nap anywhere and espcially not when its so noisy.. the food was incredible and the sour cream cookies (my faves) were in abundance...
the rest of the week was full of stuff.. mostly good. i have been discovering how much fun it is to have twins.. they are discovering each other more and more and its pricesless to see them smile and talk to each other.. especially when they wake up and just want to chat it up.. they are napping much better although ari is quite reluctant some days. they go to bed like champs around 7pm each night and are sleeping till 5 or sometimes 6 and then they are up for a power nurse and back to bed for a couple of hours.. mom definitly functions better on more sleep...
yesterday was dave's work banquet.. i was an authentic participant opposed to the many years i just go to go because i was the boss's daughter.. Koolers (where dave works) is closely associated with DA Loewen (my dad's company) and so they do things together.. we all piled into a bus and headed to Winnipeg to Celebrations.. it was AWESOME.. the show and the servers.. so funny.. they did a Monty Python type comedy with all Beatles music.. they always amaze me. the food was ok.. and i did enjoy a few ceasers... yes moms night out.. we left the boys with my sister in law Tam. the boys did so good for her.. they ate like champs and went down for night so good and didn't make a peep....
funny story.. i decided i should take my trusty hand pump to the city as we would be gone for a few to many hours and i knew i would be feeling the "pressure"..well silly me forgot my pump under my chair in a plastic bag... ugg just as we were leaving the city i remembered. luckily (or not so luckily) daves boss was still in winnipeg at the hotel... so embarresed me calls him and asks him if he can look for the "item" i forgot.. when he asks what it is i was so embaressed and fumbled for my words trying to come up with a slick way of saying it and he chimes in "oh you forgot your milker" needless to say i was the laugh of the bus for a bit and a few minutes later he called back to say he had it in his possesion... that will be nice sitting on dave's desk monday morning...
along the lines of the pump.. i never used it and was planning on when we got home but with it gone i just went to bed.. ouch.. when the boys woke up at five they could barely keep up as the pressure almost blew there little heads off. poor guys...a few life lessons here but the first... never underestimate the usefullness of a pump..
thats about it for now..
a few updates on the boys now that they are almost 7 months old:
they can roll over
grab things (they love to suck on EVERYTHING)
they eat cereal now (love the oatmeal. the rice really plugged them up)
they love avacados
and of course they laugh and smile and flirt with any woman

Sunday, December 10, 2006

mommy can we lick the spoons

did our christmas baking at my moms the other day.. this kept the boys entertained for hours!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

early holiday cheer...

figured its been awhile since you have seen the boys.. they are loving there new room and the jolly jumper which are featured in these pics. we will post pics of all the new changes to the house including the christmas cheer that was spread thanks to chris & crystal.. thanks guys.