Sunday, January 22, 2012


I seem to have lost alot of my followers.. or at least my commenters. I did leave you guys hanging for so long. But my goal is to change that and be back more often. I have been really intentional about my time these days and just feel much more in control.

Lots of things happening around these parts already this month.

Abuelo came to visit! We enjoyed having him around and I know the boys loved having so much of his attention.

We enjoyed unusually warm weather for these parts for most of January and it was lovely. One of the exciting things was we put the boys back on skates and they love it! They have caught on really quick. We have a nice pond behind our yard in the bush and it's nice to have something so close.

Tami & Charles had all us trainers over to there new studio for a Christmas party. It was an amazing time of connecting. I know I have said over and over how blessed I am to be able to do this.. I have been changed from the inside out and am so thankful for these ladies. A bunch of warm, kind, motivating, beautiful women.

We had the chance to celebrate with the stallion as he got his papers in the mail. Officially a Journeyman. 6 years of hard work!! I am so proud of him. Oh and on a side note.. I have had quite a few people tell me that they have no clue with the Stallions real name is... so funny. Anyways it's Dave. :)

Obviously at Jett's age we are in full on fun and days of discovery. He yammers on and on. He loves to sing and clap. He LOVES to eat.. anything and EVERYTHING. He continues his trend of loving to sleep. He has a mouth full of teeth and is so busy he doesn't have time for much. He runs most days. Although he is busy he continues to be chill and relaxed. Loves to cuddle and loves the Stallion the most... There are lots of things he discovers but we recently caught him on tape... so funny and well worth watching.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This has been on my mind lately. I have felt more insecure in the last few weeks than I can remember in awhile. Someone told me that part of the reason is because God's got lots of good stuff for me to do... I have been practicing "owning" my feelings but like a wise, wise friend told me I have to remember that my emotions are not the engine but should be the caboose. It's been a good reminder to me through out the day.
I guess I just want to be good at recognizing the truths and not sabotaging myself cause what someone else puts on me. My authentic self is a work in progress.
I have been loving being back at bootcamp this last week and seeing my girls make time for themselves for an hour. It's exhilarating (and hard) I am just filled with awe that I get to be a part of it. It's awesome.
We talked a bit about setting a goal for ourselves for the next 6 weeks and I have given it alot of thought.. I have some new goals for myself for this six weeks. Some are inside goals and some are physical goals.
1. Making a priority to get up before my family in the morning and spend some quality time with God. I joined a group of women who are going through Ephesians and it's an online group through a good friend of mine. I am really looking forward to this time to grow.

2. Continue with my Gratitude List. I did this last summer and into fall and then for some reason stopped. I want to write down each day 5 things I am thankful for. I think speaking truth and gratefulness can take out some of the self doubting talk I can so easily fill up on.

3. Loose my final 7 pounds. This is a big one for me... I know 7 doesn't sound like a big number but this has been the worst part... This last bit has really brought me down and made myself believe I can't do it.. and some days the sabotage is too much too bear. I need to see myself differently and I believe having number 1 and 2 on my list will help with this one.

4. Bathing Suit shopping... I just want it to be easier. I want to feel better about it. This is the year.

So heres to you and your story.. may you own it and always feel a sense of love and belonging.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

foodie files

I have always been big on cooking. In fact I much prefer cooking to baking. I enjoy experimenting and "throwing" things together as the Stallion would say. (He's a big fan of my cooking which is nice). We have always ate relatively healthy.. I love cooking with fresh ingredients but since changing my lifestyle (in regards to exercise and food) I am always on the look out for healthy healthy meals... I've found some goodies lately. So here is your first foodie file.

Oh yummy! The lean ground chicken makes these sooo good. I omitted the water chestnuts and added mushrooms and red pepper. You could throw almost anything in these.

Yes thank you to Lisa for introducing me to Iowa Girl Eats. Have been using her as inspiration a ton these days. I have been drinking my lunches and this is an awesome recipe. I add protein powder to mine (love Arbonne's powder) and I usually use frozen berries instead of banana and pb.

truth be told I have always made a killer pad thai... we LOVE thai food. but this recipe is good. real good.

ok this is sooooo not on the healthy list but I made it for a New Years Eve party with some friends. Super easy, super cheesy and olivey. A bit too buttery for my liking but it got good reviews from friends and the Stallion.

typed in best chocolate chip cookie and this is what I found... oh boy my perfect cookie. fluffy and soft and chewy. I LOVE these especially frozen. Ok so again not super healthy BUT in my life I allow myself a treat every now and again. And I am good with that.

Any new recipes (or old standbys) that you love. I'd love to hear them.