Friday, August 28, 2009

best thing i ever did...

was to marry this guy.
he is one in a million.
i love you.
happy five years babe!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

brought to you by the letters a & n

What you would have heard the other day at the Difran house.... I'll set the scene for you.
Chaos everywhere... dirty crumb filled floors, dishes on the island leftover from breakfast, sippy cups line the window sill, some spilt milk running down the couch, cars, trains and anything else with wheels litter the floor strewn down the hallway, every light on, treehouse is the background noise along with whines, screams, slapping (each other).
Mom curled up in a ball on the couch pleading for help... mostly cries for Jesus to come help us and make it all make sense.
Not much changes in 5 minutes except Mom is now consoling Noah who has tripped and fallen on poor Bertie the Bus and is a wreck. Tears falling down both their cheeks wondering if we will see the end of this day. Ari walks over to Mom and says "It's okay Mommy Jesus is here and He will help you" You can imagine the smile that takes over her face as she looks into this little boys eyes.
"Thank you Ari. Can Jesus also help Noah?" Ari looks over at his brother and caresses his legs and says "Yes, Jesus can help you too Noah"
End scene.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

H Fest

Ahh another Harvest Festival done. This year was fun.. the boys are at such a good age for stuff like this. There is nothing quite like a small town festival. At least nothing quite like H Fest.
We took on the parade like every other year on my Aunt & Uncle's driveway... it has never felt quite complete since we are missing important family members.. but we have fun anyways :(
This year's parade was on of the best yet... not too many farm tractors or weird random mini vans with people waving. I felt there were even more floats than usual. The candy of course was good and what would a winkler parade be without farmer sausage burgers hot off the grill at 10AM.
The boys were so excited I thought they might pee their pants. Ari was right in the action holding out his hands for piles of candy while Noah was more content to either sit with Daddy or Grandma taking it all in from the comfort of being held.
We hung around and had lunch with the Loewen's. After quick naps we were up and at em to Fair Grounds with Grandma and Papa. The boys rode the ferris wheel.. thankfully not with me :) although I was that mother yelling for them to sit down from the bottom. They LOVED it. Me not so much.
Noah rode the train. They both took on the lady bugs and had a great time!

We met up with Jenelle and wandered to the petting zoo and the reptile trailer.
Ate delicious Mini Donuts and had lemonade.

After a quick stop at the rodeo we called it a day.
The boys stayed with my parents while Dave and I went to a good friend's birthday party.
An enjoyable great day.
Sunday we met with friends at the Fair Grounds for the Community wide worship service in the park. Nothing like a few thousand people worshiping God together in one space. Our church was actually on this year for Worship and they did a great job.
After lunch and naps we ended up back for another ride on the Ferris Wheel, more ladybugs and a carosal ride that almost made me loose my lunch. Another stop at the petting zoo and the rodeo and we were festivaled out.
We ate supper with friends at A&W and ended the evening playing outside in the backyard.
I was reminded over and over this weekend how blessed we are to live in a great community with family and great friends. Blessed.. I feel blessed.

See ya next year H Fest!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

eye candy.

Well due to our aging computer and it's state.. I can no longer upload photos to my computer so this blog will be boring for a bit. It's starting to get to me and hopefully after a few months on our new budget (insert fingers down throat motion here) we will be on our way to our new Mac Book :)
I also have an announcement to make but it requires a good blog post (it has NOTHING to do with anything like pregnancy!!!) I hope to have that at the end of the week... just a few inner thoughts to process first. So since I can't leave you with any of my own photos... go check out the lovely things that have been giving me inspiration lately....
Lovely Amy Olson has beautiful jewelery. Vintage handcrafted one of a kind. This Blue Dalia necklace caught my eye.

I have been on the hunt for a new clock for our dining room. I have a bunch of stuff to hang but it needs the right clock to go along side... I LOVE LOVE this Chartreuse Abstract Wall Clock.
This doily clock is also equally as gorgous.

Wow... this bag is beautiful from it's shape to it's color.. it sure would make the perfect fall bag...

And someway I am going to get my hands on one of these posters.. I have been wanting one for awhile now. Torn between the turquoise and the Sunny yellow.

Okay that's all my computer can take for now. I promise to be back by the end of the week. Enjoy yours!