Tuesday, June 27, 2006

tales of two monkeys

yes we are still alive. its busy these days! we are blessed to have audrey here this week which has been so nice. we missed her and the boys are having fun cuddling with their madrina! i will write a post this week filled with more details on how we are and what we are up too but i wanted to get some cute pics up from this past weekend. our little monkeys are just too cute!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy fathers day

well we are making it.. every day seems to get better and better. its amazing to see the progress our little guys are making. they get bigger and bigger each day. on thursday our midwife came and weighed them and noah was 6lbs1oz and ari was 5lbs14oz.
i plan to write a better blog this week but here are some more pics to tide you over till then.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

we are home!!!

so happy to be home and in our own crib together at last!
we will update you more later... when we are not all so sleepy!

Monday, June 12, 2006

and then there were three...

well we have had our little noah with us since friday evening. what a wierd feeling taking him from the hospital without his brother.. it has been going real well. he is so sweet. he has done so well in the midst of these circumstances. its amazing how adaptable they are. we are staying at a house offered to us by complete strangers (friends of the fabulous friends we had been staying with). we go in to see ari when we can and although it doesn't feel like enough ari is resiliant and continues to be a champ at breastfeeding and the most mellow easy going guy.
we are hoping to be bringing ari home with us tommorow. we all need to go home. i have been in winnipeg for far too long. today is the boys 3 week birthday and although time has flown by its long overdue to head home and settle into life with our new family.
we will update you more as the week goes on. i really appreciate having this medium to share with you all whats going on and know that we have so many people sending positive thoughts our way. hopefully next post it will be just the four of us enjoying snuggles in our own bed at home.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

almost home

well the journey looks like it has an end in sight... we are hoping to be home by the end of the weekend. noah is ready to go and ari needs to have no breathing episodes and he can go too. they both have grown so much this past week. its amazing to see their progress and how they have turned into little newborns all of a sudden. noah is over 5lbs and ari is quickly catching up. in the last couple days ari has been eating like a little piggy. they are allowed to eat whenever they want and however much they want now as opposed to their schedule. so that is the update for now we are hoping to be ready to go saturday or sunday morning. we will keep you posted. for now enjoy some newer pics of the two of them. they are taken this week. notice how much their faces have
filled out..my little piggies.

*the picture of little noah in the carseat is him passing his first test making him ready to go home!
*ari and mom
*ari and noah together again (these two were taken today - thursday)

Friday, June 02, 2006

my 100th post

well last night i slept in my own bed and it was nice.. it was wierd coming home yesterday without the boys especially since everything is ready for them to be here. it was nice to sort through some stuff and it will be good to get some stuff done today before we go back later this afternoon. in no time the boys will be home and i will not have time to tie up loose ends.
we called the hospital this morning to check on them and they had a fabulous night!! both gained weight and noah is almost at his birth weight. ari had no breathing spells all night which is amazing. and ari took a whole feed by bottle which is amazing!! we have to get them full feeding by breast and bottle so that we can get rid of tube feeding them so they can come home. we were so pleased with the progress they are making. hopefully by the end of next week we will all be cuddling at home.
dave and i are good a bit of an emotional roller coaster we feel we are on but its been good how it has brought us closer together and we see them extreme need for each other. this is a crazy experience and there is no one i would rather share it with.
so now that my pregnancy is over and i have beautiful babies i will leave you with some of the things i notice and love every day that i can do now that my belly is gone..

1. i stare and stare at my feet and ankles as they are so small - finally!
2. i can lay on my stomach whenever i want (as long as its not close to pumping time)
3. i can turn over and move around when i sleep which is a great feeling
4. no more nasal congestion and no more snoring
5. i do not have to run to pee every 5 sec
6. dave does not have to bend his back to hug me anymore
7. i have the most beautiful babies in the whole world!!

(can you tell who is who?)