Sunday, January 31, 2010

january 30

it was a whirlwind, up and down roller coaster weekend. friday we had a scare... my midwife tried for while to find a heartbeat. when she turned off the doppler and said she thought we should go to the hospital my heart dropped. i quickly called dave, made arrangements for the boys and off we went. they brought us upstairs to labor and delivery and settled us in a room. Mari (my second midwife) had called ahead. The nurse hooked up a monitor and she too could find no heartbeat. it was surreal. she left and dave and i sat in silence as we contemplated the idea that could be it. our baby could be gone. Mari came back awhile later and said she had chased down a tech as he was leaving (it was friday at 5) he agreed to do an ultrasound for us. I wasn't sure if I should be relieved or if I was just numb. We went down and set up for an ultrasound. He said he would check things out and then let us know. He put the wand on my stomach and whipped the monitor around and said "It's your lucky day - there is the heartbeat" and there it was nice and strong.... whoa. again another huge sigh of relief. He said it all looked good and the placement of the placenta might have made it hard to hear the heartbeat with a doppler. It was an emotional roller-coaster. We left thankful to still have a baby and were aware of how much worse it could have all turned out.
Which took us to Saturday - January 30th the day we found our we will add a third little Italian Stallion to our mix. Clear as day was a little penis on our little pe
anut. We are thankful and grateful for a healthy baby.
I only had to be mad for 10 minutes and get it out of my system. Now my thoughts are clear and I am focused on the fact that I will be the minority in a house full of cute Stallions.
Thankful. Grateful. Satisfied. Full.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am nervous. Tomorrow we find out the gender of Baby E. I've gone from excited to nervous. Of course, I am happy to have a healthy baby inside but I am scared of being told I may just become mama to three boys!! I have vivid images of pink and red and yellow... in my dreams. I talked to a friend yesterday who went through it and it makes me so happy to know that tomorrow I can find out and if more testosterone is in our future than I can grieve it and move on. So stay tuned to find out what parts Baby E has :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am still slowly trying to update my blog from my long absence. If you read and are not on my link list and do not have a private blog please leave me a comment. I want to add you!!

It's been cold here again. I hate being cold. It's hard to come up with many reasons why we choose to live here other than those we love are here... especially in January. I dream of being somewhere warm. On Friday it will be one week till I am
in Vancouver! A bunch if girlfriends from my ywam days are meeting for a fun filled weekend. It's amazing how it all came together and how many of use from all over will be there. I can't wait. To walk down the drive, drink coffee, eat sushi and catch up and maybe warm up a bit too. I know it's not tropical or anything but it's going to be warmer than here.

One of my goals for 2010 was to be more crafty. I have so many projects I dream of and often put off till I loose interest. You may laugh but I have been r
eally into doilies lately.. I know I know makes you think of your grandma. To me they scream vintage chic. Anyways inspired by Rachel's Pillow post and Ashley's table runner.. I made a table runner from lovely doilies all found at our loc
al thrift store for under a dollar each. My husband dislikes it but I love it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

snow day

It's a snow day around here. We are definitely staying home.. we can't actually get off our driveway. We need to figure out a better snow removal system. The neighbours we share a driveway with are in charge of clearing the snow and lets just say it does not seem to be high on his to do list ;)
So for today we will play playdough, trucks, trains, eat cookies and stay warm.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

welcome twenty ten

I am so thankful for the blog love even after leaving you hanging for so long. I hope you will come back again and again. I am looking forward to blogging more. Sharing in life. Please be sure to leave a comment and say hello.
I am not going to try to keep you up to date with all we have done over the past few months. Of course there are some big announcements that have been missed... like yes we are expecting baby # 3 for sometime late june/early july. It was confirmed by early ultrasound that it is indeed ONE baby. I am sure the whole hospital heard me breathe a sigh of relief when the tech said the great news!!
It's hard to imagine what I will do with a baby... I mean I have almost 4 year olds!! We are so out of that baby stage.. We are finding out next Saturday what kind of parts our baby will have. We lovingly refer to our baby as Baby E. Either way that wi
ll be their first initial (different names depending on the gender).
I have been feeling good. I was hit or miss the first couple months. Nothing compared to how horrible I felt with the boys.
Speaking of the boys.. they are growing up so fast. We had a fabulous Christmas. Our move went so well and we are settled into our new house. We love it. One of the first things on the blog list is to give you a virtual tour via pictures. I am happy with the progress we are making in making it our home. We are so thankful!
I will leave you for now with an updated pic of the boys from Christmas.. wearing their Christmas cardigans of course ;)

And really it is so lovely to see all of you again.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

big news

Thanks to Holly over at Create Loves I have a new look. I LOVE LOVE it. Look for a brand new post to start brand new things this weekend. I'm so happy to be back!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i promise

I am coming back. I am waiting on a blog revamp and then I will be back.. better than ever. I am really looking forward to blogging again. I have high hopes for an awesome 2010.
See you soon!!