Saturday, January 23, 2010

welcome twenty ten

I am so thankful for the blog love even after leaving you hanging for so long. I hope you will come back again and again. I am looking forward to blogging more. Sharing in life. Please be sure to leave a comment and say hello.
I am not going to try to keep you up to date with all we have done over the past few months. Of course there are some big announcements that have been missed... like yes we are expecting baby # 3 for sometime late june/early july. It was confirmed by early ultrasound that it is indeed ONE baby. I am sure the whole hospital heard me breathe a sigh of relief when the tech said the great news!!
It's hard to imagine what I will do with a baby... I mean I have almost 4 year olds!! We are so out of that baby stage.. We are finding out next Saturday what kind of parts our baby will have. We lovingly refer to our baby as Baby E. Either way that wi
ll be their first initial (different names depending on the gender).
I have been feeling good. I was hit or miss the first couple months. Nothing compared to how horrible I felt with the boys.
Speaking of the boys.. they are growing up so fast. We had a fabulous Christmas. Our move went so well and we are settled into our new house. We love it. One of the first things on the blog list is to give you a virtual tour via pictures. I am happy with the progress we are making in making it our home. We are so thankful!
I will leave you for now with an updated pic of the boys from Christmas.. wearing their Christmas cardigans of course ;)

And really it is so lovely to see all of you again.


Lydia said...

welcome back!! The boys are indeed getting so big! I can't wait to see you all in August... and to meet Baby E!! love you!

Melanie said...

Missing our neighbours, but so glad for the wonderful house and yard you have now!

Kenna & Jolee are 3 1/2 years apart and that was a big adjustment. I found the "rules" had changed so much since having our first - relearning newborn parenting... but your boys will definitely be a big help for their mommy when E comes. :)

Corinna said...

Baby E, so cute!! I love vowel names.
Glad to hear things are going well Heather, I'll keep checking on you here. Great new look on the blog!

RLE said...

Welcome back! It is nice to "hear your voice" once again and see your handsome little men.
Congrats on the baby and the fact that there is only one in there - I can imagine your sigh of relief when you found out it was a singleton, we made sure there would be no more pregnancies after our twins b/c we were terrified of the chance of having another twin pregnancy. Our girls are 20 months now and we are LOVING it. 3 is a perfect number - for us at least.
Looking forward to reading more.
Oh, love the new look!

Tam said...

so glad you're back! Your boys are getting so big! I can't wait to see a tour of your new home.

Wenona said...

Yay for baby #3! I'm glad to hear you are feeling well and that thing are going great for you guys!
Am looking forward to seeing a virtual tour of your new home!

Amanda said...

Your blog is so beautiful and your boys are so stinkin' cute. I can't wait to know if E is a boy or girl.

Holly said...

i like how i can always hear you in your writings :)

Lori said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back. I love your new blog look, too.

Anonymous said...

And we welcome you!