Friday, April 18, 2014

do what you love.

do what you love. love what you do.

8 words. my new mantra.

I am going to be 35 in a few months... I LOVE birthdays.. I get better and better every year. And now I feel like I am finally where I am meant to be.. still moving forward for sure.

All the bumps along the way have lead me here. They have shaped me and some have defined the path I walked. God's plan will always be greater and more beautiful than all of my disappointments.

 There will be a few times in your life
when all your instincts will tell you to
do something, something that defies logic,
upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When
that happens you do it. Listen to your instincts
and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the
odds, ignore the complications and
just GO FOR IT.
~Judith McNaught

Right? So good!

do what you love. love what you do.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jump Start!

This week has been a long one of treats and my willpower has taken a hit.. I know I have choices and try to make good ones but often I revert back to my treat mentality.. if I have had a long day I tell myself I deserve that treat.. or I am feeling stressed so I turn to that white fluffy paska bun.. Is anyone on this path with me??!! I have done this Re-start once before and felt incredible so I figure after this weekend it's time to clean out the system and get a jump start back on the wagon! So I am offering it to anyone who wants to join me. I have limited supplies so it will be first come first served. So what is it? Well the Shakeology 3-day Cleanse!!

Want to cleanse your body of toxins and lose 3-10 pounds in just 3 days? If you answered yes, then you have to try this cleanse!! I've done the Shakeology 3-day cleanse and I lost 5 pounds probably mostly water weight but it felt great to clean out my system so I could get that junk out!

About the Cleanse:
The Shakeology cleanse is unlike other popular cleanses because you actually get to eat real food! the Shakeology cleanse is a calorie restricted, nutrient-rich cleanse based around my favorite drink, Shakeology. There are no strange drinks, vinegar, or constant running to the bathroom on this cleanse! With the 3-day Shakeology cleanse, you won't be starving yourself or feel like a zombie. This cleanse is a safe and healthy way to cleanse our body of harmful toxins, decrease water retention and bloating, get rehydrated, lose weight, jump start your metabolism, and increase energy!

  • rids your body of harmful toxins
  • provides you body with nutrient dense calories
  • decreases water retention and bloating
  • helps with nutrient absorption and efficiency
  • rehydrates your body
  • helps you lose weight
  • gives your metabolism a boost
  • renews your energy
  • gets your body regular
  • jump starts your weight loss and fitness routine

The Shakeology 3-day Cleanse Explained:
The Shakeology 3-day cleanse is an innovative way to use Shakeology as a cleanse. The schedule is easy to follow and is different than other cleanses because it is actually a "performance cleanse". What this means is that in most instances you can still do it along with your regular workout or fitness program.The Shakeology cleanse can also be used to look your best before a big event such as a wedding, beach vacation, high school reunion, etc. No matter what your reason is for cleansing, here's the instructions to follow:

Keep in mind that while it is ok to continue your normal fitness routine while doing this cleanse, INTENSE EXERCISE SHOULD BE AVOIDED! So if you are doing P90X or Insanity, plan the Shakeology cleanse for your recovery week. This cleanse is also a GREAT way to jump start any fitness routine or effort to eat clean. Just follow the 3-day schedule as outlined below right before you begin and really kick off your transformation!

Frequently Asked Questions:
How many calories will I be consuming each day throughout the cleanse?
800-1,100 calories per day

How often can I do the Shakeology Cleanse?
Ideally you should do it no more than once per quarter (every 3 months). Schedule a cleanse when you start a new workout program or use it it if you feel that you need help breaking through a weight-loss plateau.

Should I/Can I still do my workout during the Cleanse?
Honestly this depends on the individual. You'll have less energy so consider doing it during a recovery week. Always remember not to compromise proper form and safety during your workout if you are lacking energy.

Can I do a 1-day or 2-day cleanse?
YES!! Some people will see results in just 1 or 2 days. Do not do the cleanse for more than 3 days!

Should I continue to take other supplements during the Shakeology cleanse?
Other vitamin and mineral supplements are not necessary during the cleanse. Refrain from taking any other Beachbody supplements like Results & Recovery or Energy & Endurance because of the sugar content.


How much does it cost?
The Shakeology cleanse kit costs $45 and includes 9 packets of Shakeology and 5 bags of green tea and me!

If you are interested in giving the Shakeology 3-day cleanse a try or would like more information email me 

Lets do it together! Again I am only able to do offer this to a limited number of people so let me know!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A better me.. inside & out.

I posted before why I became a Beachbody Coach and ultimately am still everyday realizing how lucky I am to be apart of such an amazing thing.. I often was looking for health & fitness to come together for me.. I have found nutrition in other supplements that I liked and I have found fitness in areas I liked.. but none of them ever came together in such a perfect package.

Until I found Beachbody and T25 and the 21 Day Fix. I am eagerly waiting on Les Mills Pump (We ordered it cause it interested Dave but I am also going to try it out and can't wait since I love lifting heavy weights.)

The working out part was not a huge change I was used to exercising regularly although the 25 or 30 min workouts that I could do at home helped alot... But what really has changed for me is adding Shakeology into my daily routine. It is my daily one dose of dense superfood nutrition. It is not a protein powder it is SO much more.. The cancer fighting, wrinkle reducing, energy inducing antioxidants and superfoods are in one shake. Nutrition is the biggest part of a healthy lifestyle.  Check it out and see!

It has helped reduce my cravings and given me a simple easy breakfast.. especially when I am on the go in the mornings.. I love how the Stallion has also jumped on board and we are both loving our daily shake!!

Nothing feels as good as healthy feels. It has literally changed me from the inside out. I'd love to help you so if you want to try it out let me know! I have samples and would love to help you find a program that could jump start your journey to complete health & fitness!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

"I've got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart.... "

Down in my heart to stay!

And I can tell you I am so happy. In my classes I relate this oil to a bit of kooky... I just find it overwhelming that a blend of single oils.. (Rose, Bergamot, Madarin, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Geranium, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Chamomile & Rosewood) can produce this magnetic blend that brings to the mind, heart & soul.

Better than me trying to tell you in words which I feel would fail.. You can watch this video and hear it for yourself.

Thankful for a more balanced me. (and a crazy screen shot.. ) :)

Monday, April 07, 2014

Why I do what I do?

Life is a busy one lately. I am finding so much Joy and Life in the things I am involved with right now. I wake up each day amazed that I get to spend time helping others. Young Living Essential Oils came into my life when I wasn't looking and it has been the biggest blessing. Funny thing I am sitting here alone at Coffee Culture on a Sunday afternoon after a tiring week and just needing some quiet time to work and plan the week. I've been here no more than 10 minutes and been approached by 3 people asking about oils.. Seriously amazed. I was sharing in an Oil Class last week how amazed I am by the fact that God gave us this stuff.. He made all these plants and how awesome it is that some people are so motivated by the science and health of it that they created these power packed healing oils and I can share them with people and help people live their best healthy lives.. so good.

Anyways I figured I would start putting some of this up on my blog. Sort of thinking I will use this blog again. Personal as well as to share Oils and my Health & Fitness journey with Beachbody.. still trying to figure out how all of this will work but knowing that God has given me this one precious life and He has big plans!!! 

For those of you wondering what I use the oils for.. This is how I started.. I saw the Medicine Cabinet Makeover flyer below and saw so many things my family deals with on there and thought this would be a great way to start. I have built my stash from there and am loving reading up on new ways I can help my body with oils. But if you are looking for a place to start this is the best place to come to... 

The Medicine cabinet makeover oils conveniently come in the Premium Starter Kit along with some other goodies including a bottle of Stress Away.. which I carry in my purse and use daily.. on neck pain, headaches and just when I need something to help me not sweat the small stuff. I love the smell and love how 10 minutes later I forget what the start of a headache felt like.  As a member of Young Living you also become a wholesale member and can order as much or as little as you want. No obligation, No fee.. no pressure. Just the sweet victory of taking a step to get rid of the chemical drugs you have been using or maybe it's a way to help with the side effect of a drug you are on.. Either way you look at it you win! 

For those of you reading this who use Young Living Essential Oils which are your faves from the Premium Starter Kit and how are you using them?