Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am so in love with this boy. Can't believe he is one. The very talented, gracious, caring, lovely Judith Voth took these photos. She is amazing.

And somehow she managed to snap this lovely photo. They have my heart.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

365 days...

I was given the gift of time... 365 days of it. I have been mulling this post around in my head and writing things in my journal trying to put into words what this last year has meant.
I admit I was super nervous for my maternity leave. We were in a great groove and I love my job. I was nervous that the boys and I wouldn't get along and that motherhood to a newborn would be as difficult emotionally on me as it was the first time... I mean I know I was already one up on it having only one baby.. but I had no idea what my hormones would do to me. Thankfully I didn't have to worry too much... depression did not seem to be a problem this time around. So thankful.

Of course in true Heather fashion my maternity leave did not start off as planned.. I never even got to finish my last week of work since Jett was in a hurry to make his appearance.
Someone gave me a picture they had cut out of a magazine - they felt it was for me. It was awhile ago and at the time I wasn't sure what it meant.. looking back I know exactly what it was. It was for me.. for this year. This is the photo.. it's on my fridge to remind me...

I enjoyed life this past year probably more than I had in a long time. I made choices to not worry about the little things (as much) and focus on the time I had. I had a few goals and some more latched on along the way.

In the kitchen I focused on creating healthy meals... I would say this got into full swing around November when I started working out. I made a conscious effort to really get healthier and it's stuck. I love cooking out of Jaime Olivers Food Revolution as well as Rocco Dispirito's Eat This Now.. and of course other online resources. Speaking of the kitchen I had made a goal to master yeast... I won't say I necessarily mastered it but I have enjoyed exploring different dough recipes. I would say I finally have a good from scratch pizza dough recipe that works and tastes good!

I joined a women's group at another church.. this fueled my spiritual life. It was a big step not really knowing people well... but a step I would never regret. I grew in leaps and bounds.. I found a friend in Jesus that had been gone for too long. I am so thankful for the new friends I made and the way I grew. It all just made me a better mom.

And after the spiritual me was thriving better I made a huge lifestyle change and began to get serious about exercise. My life has changed because of The Tyson Method. I joined my first bootcamp in November.. I was a hot mess. I was so out of shape. I could barely do the moves. I stuck with it and was so happy with after 6 weeks how much stronger I was. I decided to do the fat shredder and my life changed. I learned so much about how I was letting food control me. It was eye opening to finally have the battle with my self confidence brought to the light so I could learn how to really live again. Food does not define me.. it fuels me. I also fell in love with working out. I'm telling you The Tyson Method makes it EASY. They have a 20 minute workout each day... and 20 minutes was something I could.. it's easy to waste 20 minutes. It became part of my day... the best part. I had energy and I was seeing my body change. I felt strong. Confident. It was after my next bootcamp that I was given the opportunity to do something I would have never imagined... become a trainer!!?? What??!! ME?? It was humbling and I felt so blessed to be given this opportunity. If it weren't for a friend and her words to me outside bootcamp one evening I'm not sure I would have done it. She spoke truth to me and encouraged me to grab on and go for it. I went home and told Dave and asked what he thought.. he said "Well that's a no brainer" He's been my biggest fan. He constantly encourages me. SO... currently I am in week 2 of training. It's intense for sure and super scary BUT I feel it's such a God thing... I am feeling stronger than ever and so passionate to share with other women this gift. My journey was not easy and I worked hard.. I am so proud to say I have lost 14.5 inches so far. Can't wait to partner with Amanda & Tracy to bring more bootcamps to our area in fall. It's going to be AWESOME.
Dave snapped this photo of my tonight after my training call... I probably should have changed out of all black.. but oh well. It's me. I feel so much stronger than ever before.

I've spent May and June doing something I never thought I would do.. GARDEN... I have always told myself that I am not good at it and can't do it.. well it turns out I can... I've been loving getting my hands dirty and making my flower beds beautiful.

My days are not always easy and I don't always succeed. I fail often and get down on myself too.. the difference is I don't feel like I'm sinking anymore. I may slip and flail around a bit but I feel stronger and more able to come back to the surface. Just to continue to peek into the gifts He has for me... Can't wait for more.

I asked Dave a few months ago if he could see the change in me... he turned to me and said "Yea you are happy." I am. I really am.

Friday, June 10, 2011

a GIANT tiny party.

I decided to do one big party this year. For the last time :) Next year the boys can invite their own friends over... So I figured since we were celebrating a one year old and two five year olds I would go all out. It was a GREAT day.

There was a some frog catching to start the party off right.

We played a couple minute to win in style games.. junk in the trunk and a dice stacking game.

There was the indestructible pinata (Dave had to hack it to get it to open... )

Jett had some friends over too... they had their own kind of fun.

I tried to stick with a tiny theme for the food... tiny smokies, Italian sausage sliders complete with tiny buns for both. veggie's in dip, pasta salad, potato salad and of course chips.

For dessert I made rainbow cupcakes. I had seen them on pinterest and had to try them. It was super easy and I think pretty cute. The boys LOVED them.

Jett was all in. He loved it.

For the favors I had so much fun. I filled bags with all things tiny.

It was a great party. No chaos just tons of fun. Thankfully the rain stopped in time for us to enjoy the outside a bit. Helps with 15 kids... It was a great day!
Thanks to Lisa for all the awesome pics. It helped to not have to remember to take pictures.. plus she's good at it.. :)

Monday, June 06, 2011


happy birthday jett. it's so hard to believe you have been with us for one year. you made your early entrance super dramatic. and you just fit right in.

you have changed some much over the year but there are some things that make you who you are.

i love how you are ready to smile all the time. especially at the male population. you are a guys guy. for the most part your personality is pretty mellow although you are super active. you started moving early and have not stopped since.

having two older brothers is a double edged sword... they LOVE you so much which is good but they LOVE you SO much sometimes it's bad.. you put up with it alright but I can only imagine how you will get them back some day.

we are so thankful you are part of our family. the transition to three has not been that hard... maybe cause you are just one person. you are (now) a great sleeper. which is a huge help for my sanity.

your silly side shows up the crinkle of your nose when you are happy.

your cuddly and warm always ready for a snuggle or two. you have a special relationship with your papa. he is the one person you consistently want whenever he's in a room. the way you light up and hold up your arms is adorable.

so thankful for this last year.. we made it a GREAT one. so happy you are in it.

you make me happy when skies are grey.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

random wednesday

waiting on some birthday party pics then I'll be back for that.. I also have a more in depth blog in process.. and of course next week we celebrate one year of Jett. lots to look forward to over here. for now... I am reminded as I enter my last month of Maternity leave to enjoy all moments of each day. so from today...

we had some excitement in the form of a crazy wind storm yesterday... the boys asked me if I thought it was so windy our house or our trees would blow over.. I said no of course not... then I walked by the window...
this morning it provided hours of fun!

Lunch today was yummy. I am in LOVE with this dressing. Throw some walnuts, cashews & almonds... Awesome. I also roasted my first ever chicken yesterday... it was kind of a gong show as our power went out for most of the afternoon but wow it is SO good.

One thing about living in the village is we have no garbage pick up.. so we burn most of our garbage.. We have really enjoyed composting and this is usually on the counter (with a lid when it's not meal prep time) :)

Speaking of recycling this guy can often be found in the corner by the door "sorting" the recycling I've thrown over there.. yea he is that cute!!