Tuesday, January 31, 2006


well we had our ultrasound yesterday which was so exciting. we were really excited to find out the sex of the baby but unfortunately we couldn't because....we found out that there is not just one baby but two. its a double blessing. as overwhelming as this all is we are also aware that we are so blessed. because of the babies position we couldn't see what they were but the tech was pretty sure that the babies are identical. anyways i wanted you to see our babies first photo shoot. they were referred to as baby a and baby b for the tech as she had lots of measurments to take. the babies measure the same and look to be growing well. not sure where they are going to grow too. i feel a bit full already.

this first picture is of our babies heads. it was funny the way they were draped all over each other. baby b had its little bum in baby a's face and dave said at times would be kicking baby a in the head. hopefully they can get along in their little home.

this is baby a - very mellow. just relaxed there. every so often you'd see baby a's arms and legs move but it was perfectly content. one of the most incredible things was seeing there little hearts beating and watching them gulp and swallow.

this is baby b - much the little swimmer, twister and just general wiggly one. dave commented baby b seemed hyper. and hopefully baby b's kicking of baby a's head won't give either of them a complex. so where the babies bum is thats where baby a's head is. kind of like they are spooning backwards. i'm sure they will be good friends.

Monday, January 30, 2006

new week

well dave is home and all is well. i have to keep reminding myself he is here to stay. we have had a nice weekend just relaxing and he has adjusted well.
as you can see in the sidebar i will begin a weekly (or maybe every two weeks) pic of my ever growing belly. dave was so surprised. he is facinated with touching it. today we will spy on the baby through our ultrasound. i am super excited to see the baby.
i will post more tommorow and hopefully can scan a few pics of the little bean.
till then.

Monday, January 23, 2006

3 more sleeps!!!

i can't belive it. 3 more sleeps and in 4 days i will be hugging dave. it feels like he has been gone forever! i fly back to vancouver tonight. i hate flying but today i am looking forward to getting on the plane.
things were good here at home it was great to see people. i even got to hang out with lisa last night and went for breakfast with her this morning which made the trip complete. i must say william gets cuter and cuter. hopefully she will send me a recent pic and i will post it all for you to see.
i am feeling the baby lots more lately its the most incredible feeling. i'm feeling good other than bad gas pains, bleeding gums and acid reflux.
time to get going. think of dave as he travels alone from perm to moscow on the 23 hour train ride and then waits 5+hours at the moscow airport. so soon he will be home!!!!!!
have a great day!

Friday, January 20, 2006

18 weeks

well at least its something. when i get home i will take a better belly shot but for those of you who are dying to see here is me and our little bean at almost 19 weeks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


well its snowing and so beautiful outside and i have good news. the midwives here in winkler have agreed to take me on. i still find myself speechless that they have decided to make room for me. its amazing. i never really let go but must admit that my hope was dwindling. i have not spoken with my primary yet but hope to this week. i have felt really good the last few weeks and only this week with the lack of activity (sitting at my parents house doing nothing and eating lots more than i am used to) i feel a bit gross. i need to get out and walk or something. i am looking forward to getting back to vancouver and routine and seeing dave. only 9 more days - actually only 8 more days cause on the 9th day i get to see him. it will be nice. hopefully he is not a little ice cube - where they are this week it has been about -45 degrees (now that is COLD).
its been neat to see my belly grow and the baby flutter around the acid reflux is not so much fun but tums seem to relieve that quickly lucky for me.
i can't wait to see the little bean on our ultrasound on the 30th i think we have agreed to find out the sex of the baby; its funny to hear people's reactions to that. here is advice from one pregnant momma to be to everyone. Its best to keep all opionions to yourself. now whether or not we tell everyone will be our secret - we will let you know.
time for supper. till next time.

Friday, January 13, 2006

coming home....

i made it home. it was a good trip and i got to spend the night at Lindseys house and hang out with her the next day which was so good!! she is doing really well as always its so fun to spend time with her. i've been home now for a couple days. its been lots of relaxing which has been so good. i needed the downtime. i have not seen too many people just family and my good friend rhonda which was nice. she is about ready to deliver her second baby which is exciting. i am hoping she has the baby while i am here. anything obviously not much else is new. i will post some new pics of me in my fourth month this weekend. oh and by the way it is warm here - almost balmy. when i got out of the airport the other day it was almost midnight at only -2 which is CRAZY. it is much nicer than what dave is having in russia at a mild -25. yikes.
till later.

Monday, January 09, 2006

the weekend, phone calls and other things...

i don't have a digital camera right now as dave took it to russia so it seems silly to post with no pics to show you but i figured i should post anyways. had an ok weekend other than not alot of sleep. can't seem to sleep these days. i cleaned, was crafty and hung out with friends which was nice. sunday morning i was woken up to the most beautiful voice and got to speak with dave for almost 20 minutes. it was so good to hear from him. they are well a bit on the cold side but doing good. its about -25 with windchill and most of the time they are skating on outdoor rinks. yikes. but they seem to be in high gear and attracting lots of people to hang out with. it was so good to hear his voice and i figured i could make it another week now without hearing from him but then this morning the phone rings and its him again!! i was so excited i barely knew what to say. it was nice to have those morning calls and i feel a bit spoiled.
i get ready to leave to manitoba tommorow and i am looking forward to being home and eating good home cooked meals, seeing friends and family and just relaxing. i get to see lindsey tommorow and will stay with her my first night there and hang out with her on wednesday i am really looking forward to seeing her. so yeah thats about it. i still need to pack and get some work things done before i leave but keeping busy helps pass the time. thanks for all your kind calls and emails it means alot. i will post again in manitoba and will have use of my parents digital pics so i can email you some more pics of my ever growing belly. enjoy today!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

isn't he cute

looking up..

been a good couple of days. i have been keeping busy and have been trying to surround myself with people. its only hard in my lonely house. i heard from dave and they are doing well. they are currently on a 23 hour train ride through the beautiful land of russia. they spent yesterday walking around red square and dave said it was breathtaking. i'm excited that he gets to have this experience. just wanted to let you all know things are better. i miss him but i've already made it three days! i leave for manitoba on tuesday which will be nice to catch up with family and friends. i'll post more later. enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

got my sad face on...

so dave has left and is sleeping right now somewhere in Russia...its lonley in our house without him. i figure its ok to be sad and all the well wishers who keep telling me oh but hes doing good work need to stop.. of course i am happy he is doing good work and of course out of anyone in the whole world i am proudest of him and happy he gets this experience but for goodness sake i am still going to be sad and all you have to say is thats ok heather you can be sad because you love him and miss him.
so with all that being said.. i am proud of him and i know that the people of russia and the team are super lucky to have dave with them but i am still going to hope the time goes by quickly.