Tuesday, January 17, 2006


well its snowing and so beautiful outside and i have good news. the midwives here in winkler have agreed to take me on. i still find myself speechless that they have decided to make room for me. its amazing. i never really let go but must admit that my hope was dwindling. i have not spoken with my primary yet but hope to this week. i have felt really good the last few weeks and only this week with the lack of activity (sitting at my parents house doing nothing and eating lots more than i am used to) i feel a bit gross. i need to get out and walk or something. i am looking forward to getting back to vancouver and routine and seeing dave. only 9 more days - actually only 8 more days cause on the 9th day i get to see him. it will be nice. hopefully he is not a little ice cube - where they are this week it has been about -45 degrees (now that is COLD).
its been neat to see my belly grow and the baby flutter around the acid reflux is not so much fun but tums seem to relieve that quickly lucky for me.
i can't wait to see the little bean on our ultrasound on the 30th i think we have agreed to find out the sex of the baby; its funny to hear people's reactions to that. here is advice from one pregnant momma to be to everyone. Its best to keep all opionions to yourself. now whether or not we tell everyone will be our secret - we will let you know.
time for supper. till next time.


Lydia said...

Heather, wow! that's so great about the midwife thing in Winkler!!! i'm so happy for you!!!

i can't wait to see pics of the baby!! you have to post some soon!

love you, lydia xoxo

hannahgrant said...

Thats awesome about the midwife Heath! I am happy for you.

Reesh said...

I know what you mean about people's reactions to finding out the sex of the baby - like what does it matter to them anyways? My parents especially were just really disappointed that we wanted to find out (not that we did in the end). I still haven't figured out why it matters so much, cause all they could really tell me was that they just thought it would be a cool surprise! That's not enough of an explanation for me for the reaction they had. I am getting used to be judged for things while being pregnant and I am sure it will continue on into parenthood. It's too bad everyone has to like that, they think they are being helpful, but it's rather insulting sometimes to be constantly defending any decision you make for yourself...

lindsey said...

yeah!!!! i am so excited that you are able to have a midwife for your birth! i know how much that meant to you! it's great news! i can't wait to hang out with you again, i know we'll work something out. love you lot's!

Julia Di Francesco said...

I'm excited to find out what your having and if you don't that's cool to, Dennis and I didn't find out. You have to make you decisions for what you guys want and try not to care what people say. We also didn't tell anyone about baby names becaues we didn't want to hear all the options people had. Can't wait see pictures of the baby and hopefully some of you to.

Glad to hear that your having a good time in Winkler take care.