Thursday, November 01, 2012


Been feeling blah in the blog department. Nothing in particular just uninteresting maybe.... I don't know. I have had a couple of really great weeks. Mood was up and I felt like things were going really well and then lately there was another shift... it's been subtle but it's there. My heart is heavy. I am really tired of not being able to let go of a deep hurt this last year... why can't it be easier to let go?

Motherhood has been good... I know... crazy right?? I just feel like my kids are so fun and great and seeing them conquer new things has just given me so much joy lately. I love them. I'm so proud of them and thankful to be their mom. Blessed.

I want to make all kinds of confessions... afraid of that. So for now this is it. 

A cow, Bumblebee and Batman. Epic night.