Thursday, June 26, 2008

its eminent

so this is now official.. we are in countdown mode to a really hard good-bye. it's not fair. revisit it by reading this post from a few months ago... Pieces of me.

Monday, June 23, 2008


feeling terribly overwhelmed.. this weekend was a bust. just one of those you know. dave was on call and was on calls about 12 hours on Saturday. A & N are just not themselves and if one more person says "oh they are just acting two" i might either punch you or pull out ALL my hair. seriously. i am also feeling quite suffocated with emotion as lisa is about to leave in 5 days.. not really sure how to deal with that at all. right now my kids are throwing a tantrum and chanting "daddy" so i guess i should go try to make something for supper. ugg... just want to crawl under my blankets with a bottle of wine (although i already did that yesterday).

Thursday, June 19, 2008


-got a driveway! can drive on it sometime this weekend.
-will most likely have a backyard early next week.
-ari is a bit sick.. fever. think its his molars. don't really know.
-work is busy.. wrapping up the school year and preparing for next. i am sort of attached to this job.. sad that its a term. i love working there.
-getting ready for our family vacation trip with friends to Minneapolis. Cannot wait for Ikea!
-started running 4 times a week. getting up at 6:30 isn't so hard and I am exceeding any expectations I had for myself.. ran over a mile today (which is huge in my world)
-trying new things. won't divulge just yet. but proud of myself.
-creating more again lately. gotten a few layouts done and some house projects in the works.
-a & n growing more and more everyday especially with their vocabulary it blows me away today i was on the phone and ari imitated every word i said.. i seem to use the word whatever a lot.
-general happiness.
and for some picture fun. this is what we play lots (looks like daddy!) whoa! the best thing ever!
disclaimer: did not take the last two shots but thought i could post them because my kids are in them - thanks lisa!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


my emotions have been swirling around lately. feeling some days like a light breeze and most days like a huge gush of wind that slaps you in the face. trying to feel is something i have been working on. most days its easier to push it deep down cause usually the pain of feeling is just too much. today i feel deep emotion... for this guy.

There is no one that can make things better like this guy. He is a man who follows his heart always, just knows the right thing to do always, knows the right thing to say usually, and just plain loves deep. He loves his family deep and no one knows how to have fun like this guy. A kid at heart and we love him especially because of the fun he knows how to have. I sometimes make it seem I wish he was more grown up but really I am thankful he knows who he is and maybe a tad jealous that what others thinks doesn't even hit his radar. Its a gift.
He's just the best dad. He has so much patience and is so generous with the time he spends with Ari & Noah. They know how much daddy loves them. He teaches them, listens to them, always has time to wrestle and arms full of love...

more emotion for me as today marks the two year anniversary of the day we came home from the hospital with these guys... with all the events over this weekend it just makes me thankful for my boys and causes me to hold them even closer... hard to believe this was them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


for tonight i will just savor the sweet toddler asleep in my bed.. he wouldn't go to bed on his own tonight and just needed mama cuddles. i think he was afraid of the thunder. whatever the reason and although my to do list was miles long i think i will just savor the fact that we cuddled for that long. thanks for the special evening my little man.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Heather Loves Loves...

This book Junk Beautiful So many inspiring projects and such a beautifully written book. I have been pouring over this one for days.

Of course Etsy.. featuring my new favorite shop. The fabricshop. I have been conversing with Jody about getting some fabric to make bedding for the boys (big boy beds are eminent in the near future). Loving all the Amy Butler fabrics she has. Jody is a sweet mom who loves fabric. Check her out. Thinking this, this, this, and this, (obviously not the top one). Want to do two different ones and these are just ideas..

Excited to tackle some home decor projects. Want to try something like this for a bulletin board in my scrap space. Obviously not my colors.

Also really into Owls and would love this.

Need to get my Elsie print up in my boys room. Found the perfect frame and love it. Think it will be great on their wall.

Dreams of our big trip to Minneapolis lately have me thinking of my purchases at ikea. Finally going to get my piece for our dining room and also looking for an end table and toying with the idea of buying big boy beds as i mentioned before. Really looking forward to our first family vacation.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


today i had my first glimpse at vicious.
we bought one of those soft chairs at the multiple sale awhile back.. the boys really like it. so i decided to be a smart mom and buy another one so that they would each have one to sit in. sensible right? i thought so. off we went to walmart and found not only a soft chair but a bright red one with cars on it. i thought it was great. we got home and chaos ensued. of course i should have seen it coming.. come on when your two who wants a yellow winnie the pooh chair when there is a shiny bright red cars chair... well poor noah beat ari to it and if he would have known i am sure he wouldn't have ran for it so quickly. ari jumped on top of him and all of a sudden noah was screaming (not just annoyed screams but more) i ran over and pried ari off noah only to see that ari had left evidence of his anger on noah's arm. deep bite marks. it took me almost half an hour to calm him down. he was traumatized. needless to say ari spent a fair amount of time in his crib. my mom said i should have bit him back....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

turning two

well ari and noah are now two! it was a while back but you will have to forgive me.. these last few weeks have been crazy for me. i have leaving my blog unattended for so long but some things just gotta give. we had their two year check up and all is good. she is really happy with them. noah weights 31lbs and ari 29 1/2lbs. noah is also 1/2" taller.
the party was a huge success... most of their friends made it out (a few were missing). they did good. loved their amazing bus cake.. well ari did. noah did not really take well to all the singing. they opened one present and played with that one and ignored opening the rest. of course all are being played with currently. its amazing to me that i have two year olds. not sure where the last couple years went. i love them. always have, always will...
enjoy some pics from their party. (all photo credit given to their fabulous auntie lisa - she pretty much rocks our world - thanks lise) to check out the whole party in photos click HERE

Monday, June 02, 2008

Dear June

Dear June,

Hello? How are you here already? Please don't go as fast as May. I can't keep up and my blogger friends are probably wondering what is going on. I blame it on you. You just came too fast.

Love the Difrancesco's