Thursday, April 21, 2005


wow its amazing how warm it got so quickly. i love it. isn't it funny how people seem so much more happy when its warm outside. everyone is greeting each other and smiling. not to mention wearing sunglasses which you don't do very often here in vancouver. its a great day!
the office is quiet today.
its gonna be a fabulous day.
love you all.

Monday, April 18, 2005

why does everyone think i know everything??

thats the question for today. it seems as if i answer probably 200 questions a day from where is the invoice for this?, to do you know what the phone number is there? to where is the toilet paper? My desk is piled with papers to remember a bazillion things. thats just today.
i feel sad that i miss people today. i miss my friends from home, i miss emily and the joy she brings to my life? i miss married couples to hang out with and i miss my mom and today i really miss my dad. i miss my neices and my nephew and i miss the security of where the money will come from to pay random bills.
but after saying all that i remember who Jesus is and all the amazing things He give us. In order to make disciples we must first be disciples. A disciple of Jesus is someone who hasd counted the cost of discipleship and is more willing to pay. Jesus sacrifice purchased our salvation so that we can be "living sacrifices" - sacrificing our time, talents and treasures for the cause of Christ.
I love you.
Thanks for listening.

Monday, April 11, 2005

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sophia! Posted by Hello

Spring has Sprung!

well spring has sprung here in vancouver. the trees are gorgeous. there is a street near where we live that actually looks like it has cotton candy floating above the stret from all the amazing cherry blossoms that have been blooming.
its quiet here. the dts left for outreach and some others have taken time off. dave and i spend alot of time sitting at home contemplating the future and having fun.
i am excited about the opportunities i have been having regarding babies and birth.. my last class for observation of prenatal classes is tonite - i have enjoyed it so much i would like to look into becoming a child birth educator. the women and douglas college are amazing and are helping these families walk away with so much power in the way of knowledge and practical skills. i was asked to my first birth. am signed up for two more classes in may which will be so amazing. working at the pregnancy crisis centre has been so amazing. i love being around all that and see my future in work like that. my hats off to Loretta and Doreen who do it day after day and i see that it must be hard to sometimes go home not feeling like everything has been taken from you.
thats all for today. its been a good day.
take note of new posts of two of my favorite babies!!!
Sophia Joanna Jubilee Pallister
William Peter Vandenberg

Friday, April 08, 2005

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Welcome to Our Voyage

Welcome to our blog. This is here with the intention of keeping you our friends and family in the loop with our work, movements and play. We will try to keep you updated on what we are doing. Stay tuned for more...