Tuesday, July 25, 2006

splish splash

i was taking a bath... this is ari he loves the bath.. only got a good shot of him cause noah was not as happy to be wet.. next time.
well the weekend was a success. we all had a great time. it was nice to have a change of scenery and really get to relax.
i figured it was about time i wrote about my mother... there is no chance i could have survived the last while having the babies home without her. faithfully she walks in the door at 9am and helps me all morning..she helps me feed, change, wash dishes and clean and just spend time with ari and noah. she gives me time to shower and make coffee and we share a chat over toast with crunchy peanut butter. i look forward to her coming each day. then she either comes back in the afternoon to help me (usually returning with groceries of some sort and usually dinner) or i pack the boys up and we head over to her house. its hard around feeding time with only two hands. usually they are both hungry and if not being held they tend to scream and scream and scream and that makes the mommy stressed out!!! having my mom here really calms me down.
i just wanted you all to know how much she means to me and how sane we are only because of her. i am panicking a bit for august as they are taking some much needed time to tour around on their Harley. they planned there week long vacation for when my inlaws were supposed to be here but then my inlaws bumped there trip back a few weeks and now i will be left alone.. without my mom. she is panicking too which doesn't help but i know i have people i can call up for help its just not the same. so if anyone wants to come visit me.. just ask audrey how much fun it can be to hold babies all day long.. maybe this will be good for me as it will for sure make me appreciate my mother even more. she really is one terrific mom and a superstar grandma.
we love her. mom we love you...
love heather, ari & noah

Friday, July 21, 2006


i wanted to blog quickly this morning before we left for the weekend. it will be our first weekend away and we are excited to be going up to the cabin with grandma and grandpa. its amazing how much stuff i have to pack anticipating a whole weekend away. last night i said to dave "is 80 diapers enough?"
we have had a good week - many firsts.. first doctor appointment which went well she was happy with how much weight they are gaining. noah weighs 9lbs2oz and ari weighs 9lbs. little porkers. she wasn't too concerned with ari's hernia and told me what to look for if it should take a turn for the worse. its huge but not painful for him. they both are awake alot more and staring at me and SMILING!! oh my what a feeling when they gaze up at you with these goofy little smiles. i love it!
dave and i were looking through my birth pictures (our midwife was allowed to take crazy pictures of the c-section) anyways we came across this picture taken a minute before we walked into the operating room. scary - remember i had been in the hospital for 4 days already which doesn't do much for your looks (or hair ugg)... enjoy. i will post when we get back... love to you all.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Harley Davidson...

so this will be our tribute to the Harley...if anyone knows my dad he is slightly into riding motercycles and loves his Harley... of course before the boys came we got the onesies and now that they can wear them i must say they are absolutly adorable. here is our first family photo and of course a photo of the boys with grandpa and grandpa who incidently are also dressed in fine Harley gear. sunday my dad and i hopped on said bike and headed for Miami to look at the amazing huge windmills they have up there. it was a beautiful day and i forgot how much i liked riding. it was a great day! thanks dad.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

new friends and other things...

hi guys we wanted to introduce you to our new friend Jesse. he was born on July 8th and we are so happy he is here to play with. yesterday morning we spent some time lying around and hanging out with him. he's just like us you know lays around eating and burping and pooping. we've been having a blast. although he's only a week old we are all about the same weight. we imagine in a few months we'll all be beating up on each other and william will be bossing us around. we can hardly wait!

yesterday was a good day. we hung out with grandma at her house. we love going there it makes mom much happier and we get lots more cuddles that way.

then today you'll never guess what happened it was hilarious. we spent the morning cuddling and then I (Ari) wasn't feeling so great and had some projectile spit up that landed all over my brother. he didn't seem to mind although it sure made his hair all curly. mom and dad got some pictures see below. i doubt it will be the last time...
enjoy your day as we enjoy ours. love ari & noah

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

chubby tubbies

i figured it was time to write a real post. i find myself with the time as my boys are lovingly being held by their dad and their grandma which is nice for mom... not sure what i would do without either of them. don't even want to think about it. life is busy to say the least. my days fly by filled with lots of feeding, changing, burping, cuddling and basic hygene (for me). the boys are so good for the most part they sleep well at night which we are extremely thankful for. i find the days hard when i am alone as feeding two is time consuming and can be stressful when one gets food and the other has to wait - man those little tiny mouths when they scream make life a bit heartbreaking. like today all three of us cried and cried. we sing the patience song alot and i am trying to teach them that as humans we only have two hands.
yesterday our midwife came over and we weighed the boys. Ari has caught up and passed his little brother he weighed in at 8lbs 11oz. Noah is just a bit behind at 8lbs 8oz. Incredible.
Its amazing how fast they are growing. I hope you continue to read this as I promise to try to be more creative in my writing.

Monday, July 03, 2006

sad goodbyes at 6 weeks old

audrey left us on saturday. having her here was a lifesaver for me. the boys loved to cuddle with their madrina and i definitly loved the company she provided. after i dropped her off at the airport on saturday i drove away and had the feeling that there are just some friendships that will never leave you no matter how far away you are or how many years go by without seeing each other. i love you audrey and am inspired by you and your life.
its been a good weekend other than that. yesterday the difran family had there first big outing (minus the walmart outing last week) we went to our church picnic. it was nice to get out and of course not many people have seen the babies. the boys did really well and we were thankful for the shade of a big tree.

the boys also got to meet grandma difran yesterday afternoon. she was passing through with a group on there way to regina and they stayed for a few hours. grandma got to cuddle and change both boys. i think they liked meeting her.
dave is home today which is nice and the boys are sleeping right now which is nicer. the days are long but i have to admit our nights are pretty good. they sleep a good 4-5 hour stint (as long as for the last hour or so they are in bed cuddling with us) i can't complain about that.

.. took me a few days to post this. yesterday the boys were 6 weeks old! noah weighs 7lbs8oz and ari weighs 7lbs5oz. they get bigger and bigger each day. today we went to the chiropracter to get the boys adjusted with the hopes that it will help their sore tummies which have a hard time digesting their food. they did pretty good considering we woke them from nice naps.

motherhood is a mix of emotions for me these days. extreme emotions. i am amazed at how much i love them and some days am amazed at how selfish i want to be. they are teaching me so much about myself and i am daily learning how to let go of things that really in the long run don't matter. its about choosing the best for them and learning how to stay sane in the midst of that.
to all those who go before me i commend you and am thankful that i can learn so much about motherhood from you.