Saturday, July 15, 2006

new friends and other things...

hi guys we wanted to introduce you to our new friend Jesse. he was born on July 8th and we are so happy he is here to play with. yesterday morning we spent some time lying around and hanging out with him. he's just like us you know lays around eating and burping and pooping. we've been having a blast. although he's only a week old we are all about the same weight. we imagine in a few months we'll all be beating up on each other and william will be bossing us around. we can hardly wait!

yesterday was a good day. we hung out with grandma at her house. we love going there it makes mom much happier and we get lots more cuddles that way.

then today you'll never guess what happened it was hilarious. we spent the morning cuddling and then I (Ari) wasn't feeling so great and had some projectile spit up that landed all over my brother. he didn't seem to mind although it sure made his hair all curly. mom and dad got some pictures see below. i doubt it will be the last time...
enjoy your day as we enjoy ours. love ari & noah


Julia Di Francesco said...

aww cute!

They are getting so BIG, it's so amazing how fast they grow.
Great job Heather your and awsome mama.

Angel said...

your boys are growing up SOOO fast - how cute they are!
I can't wait to meet them and hold them

Lydia said...

sounds like both the boys and mama had a good day yesterday. i can't even imagine how tired you must be!!

who does new friend jesse belong to?

you ROCK!! love ya!

DavenHeather said...

Jesse is Lisa's little guy!