Monday, July 03, 2006

sad goodbyes at 6 weeks old

audrey left us on saturday. having her here was a lifesaver for me. the boys loved to cuddle with their madrina and i definitly loved the company she provided. after i dropped her off at the airport on saturday i drove away and had the feeling that there are just some friendships that will never leave you no matter how far away you are or how many years go by without seeing each other. i love you audrey and am inspired by you and your life.
its been a good weekend other than that. yesterday the difran family had there first big outing (minus the walmart outing last week) we went to our church picnic. it was nice to get out and of course not many people have seen the babies. the boys did really well and we were thankful for the shade of a big tree.

the boys also got to meet grandma difran yesterday afternoon. she was passing through with a group on there way to regina and they stayed for a few hours. grandma got to cuddle and change both boys. i think they liked meeting her.
dave is home today which is nice and the boys are sleeping right now which is nicer. the days are long but i have to admit our nights are pretty good. they sleep a good 4-5 hour stint (as long as for the last hour or so they are in bed cuddling with us) i can't complain about that.

.. took me a few days to post this. yesterday the boys were 6 weeks old! noah weighs 7lbs8oz and ari weighs 7lbs5oz. they get bigger and bigger each day. today we went to the chiropracter to get the boys adjusted with the hopes that it will help their sore tummies which have a hard time digesting their food. they did pretty good considering we woke them from nice naps.

motherhood is a mix of emotions for me these days. extreme emotions. i am amazed at how much i love them and some days am amazed at how selfish i want to be. they are teaching me so much about myself and i am daily learning how to let go of things that really in the long run don't matter. its about choosing the best for them and learning how to stay sane in the midst of that.
to all those who go before me i commend you and am thankful that i can learn so much about motherhood from you.


lindsey said...

thanks so much for the update heather! its so good to hear how you are all doing! love you lots!

Lydia said...

love the pics!!! i already have 60 pics of them on my computer!!! keep 'em coming :)

i'm so proud of you and your strength. i cannot imagine taking care of ONE baby much less TWO!!!! you are incredible for being able to do it, and looking so beautiful too!!

i love you lots!!

Oh Joy said...

I remember how overwhelming it was the first time with ONE! I say you are doing great. Especially since you have time to blog about the whole experiece! Go Heather Go!!!

Grand-pere said...

The bigger they get, the more I wanto see and hold and bond with them!

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing more "Heather" in the boys as they grow... looking forward to seeing them in person again soon! You're doing a great job!