Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

bus porn

i'll let you in on a dirty little secret.. no just kidding. so since n & a's fave thing of the moment is buses... dave has been entertaining them by discovering the creepy side of the internet. people who make movies about wierd things like buses set to rocking music. creepy yes but a huge hit for n & a. they even raise their fists in the air and they just don't care... and yes you as well as me will be wondering who they heck does stuff like this? but on behalf of n & a i would like to say thank you for your weird little fetish. nothing could make them happier.

Monday, April 21, 2008


had a great weekend i surprised dave with a night at a hotel and just time to spend together. to start it off i got a swanky new haircut (see post below). saturday dave and i left for winnipeg to take in the Multiple Sale which if you are a regular reader you will remember from the past. we really benefit from these sales twice a year. such a great way to get good stuff cheap! we spent the least amount of money yet and got every thing we needed. stocked up on summer essentials... the only thing i am unsure of is the soft fuzzy chair thing we got.. kind of creeps me out not being able to throw it in the washer. its sitting in the van still.. we will see.
after we met our friend Lindsey and dined at this fabulous sushi place. oh how i miss sushi.. after living in vancouver nothing quite compares and if only i would have realized how hard it would be to find cheap good sushi i might have consumed more. we spent alot of money on the littlest rolls i've ever seen. but every bit was more than worth it. spending time with lindsey is always a highlight. after we satisfied our sweet tooths with 7-11 slurpees and took off for the mall... dragged dave around and got a few things. i finally spent my gift money at Lululemon... now for those of you unaware of my desire for all things lulu you may want to skip this part. i am in LOVE with lulu.. the structured, soft, gorgeous hoodies and the unbelievable comfy yet glammed up yoga pants. i feel comfy just thinking of it.. oh and maybe because i am now wearing my very own hoody. its glorious and reversible and worth the $100. thanks to my lulu angel.
had the best drink ever at starbucks thanks to lindsey's professional help. an iced caramel macciato. oh wow.
after shopping we dropped lindsey off and headed to our hotel. we got drinks on a patio and basked in the sun. then we had a yummy supper and relaxed. wouldn't you know it though at 6:45am we were both wide awake.. the best part though was that we could sit in bed, drink coffee and watch tv and not have to worry about kids.
we had reservations to eat brunch at our hotel.. they do one of those huge spreads that costs a bundle.. our brunch came with our room package. seriously this was amazing. tables after tables set up with gorgeous food, smoothie bars, omelet stations, desert corner including a chocolate fountain. it was incredible. we took our time savoring everything.. including crepes, french toast with berries, asian steak, roast beef, olives and dozens of different cheeses, shrimp, smoothies and of course chocolate dipped fruit and the smoothest creamiest chocolate cheese cake. yea yum!
slowly made our way out.. i was so full. ended up stopping at a few more shops and then headed home. i missed the boys.... apparently they did not miss me. totally snobbed me when we got home and ran at dad with arms wide open. no love for me. noah developed a cold over the weekend and has been pretty cranky since we've been home. hoping he gets over this one fast.

chubs is the new black..

if chubby looks like this then i LOVE it....

Thursday, April 17, 2008


so tomorrow i have a much needed hair appointment.. just a cut. my hair is so fluffy. i think i am going to get bangs.. even though someone told me it might just make my face look chubbier. i think i might do it just because of that... who tells someone that? so chubbs it is. i'll post an after pic.. i think it will be fun.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


my kids may be the only ones in their kindergarten class who needs these....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

gonna be a great day...

yea thats the theme song at CBC kids this morning and I would have to agree.. off to Super Scrap Day today. Can't wait. Love hanging out with women who ooze creativity. Tonight we have a very special dinner party.. just really looking forward to it all.. Enjoy your Saturday.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

happy heart

today i have a happy heart. this weekend i decided to buy a kit i had been eying over at KC's Etsy shop. then i check out her blog (which i LOVE) and she is giving away hoards of scrapping goodies. all you have to do is buy something at her etsy shop and she will put your name in the draw. yea she picked me. could it get any better..... thanks kc!

Monday, April 07, 2008

less than inspired...

ok you must all be feeling less than inspired by me.. time to change that. just because you are dying to know what i am up too here are some things i am working on along with some faves of the week.

did a major clean and purge of my studio. decided to pile my current fave products in a basket for easy access.

New favorite layout from the last couple of thursday night crops

Been dabbling in beading lately. here are a few samples.

My fave blogs right now are Here and Here.

Been over at Etsy lots lately. Loving This one and This one.

Its back to school after being off all last week. It was a nice break but I also love my job so its good to go back too. I think my kids are happier with our current situation anyways.

The boys are good. Loving being outside. We got a new bike trailer/stroller which is fabulous. Today Ari fell in a huge mud puddle and it was horrible. Then he fell and bit his lip so it bled for about 15 minutes. Yea good times.

I have been consumed with my need for a new piece of furniture for this bare spot in my dining room.. have big dreams... or small dreams and it makes me need THIS book. Want this book bad.

Friday, April 04, 2008


if you are offended by this i'm sorry but i just had to share for those of you who may not be offended. last night jenny mcarthy spoke on larry king and gave a big point to those of us who are the minority of those who do not vaccinate or at least do early vaccinations. again if you are just going to get fired up don't bother watching but if you want to know more then this was awesome. and its not one sided.. good info on all. i especially like her points about the schedule and also the view of not being anti vaccine.. just watch it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


so i've come across two blogs today that announced a twin pregnancy only to put at the bottom April Fools. You don't even want me to continue to write this post to hear what i have to say....