Monday, December 29, 2008

a socially conscious purchase

I have been wanting a new wallet for some time now. Mine has been broken for months and not to mention kind of ugly. Not only did I want a new wallet but what I really wanted was a Matt & Nat wallet. Drawn to their not only ridiculously good looking accesories but also drawn to what they stand for.

(this is taken from their webpage)
It started with a challenge, almost 2 decades ago, to forego animal products for thirty days. Unbeknownst at the time, a chain of events was set off culminating in the founding of MATT & NAT: a collection of design-centric, fashion-forward accessories that is also vegan. Armed with this vision, creative director Inder Bedi created a brand that goes beyond fashion, invoking our own human experiences and the environments that surround us.

Now eight years later, from the Montreal headquarters, he works closely with the creative team to redefine the MATT & NAT aesthetic, hinging on a blend of underground and mainstream elements. Modern art and architecture particularly influence collections with color, structured silhouettes, and an emphasis on heavy hardware.

MATT & NAT is widely recognized internationally by press and buyers alike for its unique styling and innovative materials. Spring 08 saw the launch of a nylon collection made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. For Fall 08, the recycled plastic bottles have been converted into felt. These forays into never before seen materials have intrigued and challenged the creative team, who continue to comb the globe for what's next.

With new fabrications and concepts each season, MATT & NAT seeks to surprise, question, and provoke. The positivity message, found on every design, is the MATT & NAT ethos, it is meant to be personalized and to inspire you on your path.

The message found on the box of my wallet reads:

Choose Life. Choose Positivity. Choose the Golden Rule. Choose to be at peace with yourself. Choose Salvation. Choose to make a difference. Choose to be different. Choose to be a rebel. Choose to be funky. Choose to be yourself. Choose to create a fashion statement.

And not only that but she is so pretty...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what's under your tree

me nothing. dave and i decided to buy ourselves wii for christmas. we have been having tons of fun and most mornings i am sore. but.... just for your viewing pleasure this is some etsy love for you and what i will most likely dream of and wake up thinking of christmas morning..

TastySuites shop is full of great vinyl art. I particularly love these trees and this hello.

EverydayBeautiful's shop is full of gorgous hand made baby items. Little toques and Baby papoose.. it doesn't mean i am pregnant but i love it anyways.

Love THIS necklace from CT2Designs. Simply Stunning and would look so good around my neck.

Now by far my favorite etsy shop to wander around is fabricshoppe. so many delicious things i want here. like this and this and i would love this for all the little projects i am doing.

Want THIS.

and oh my these gocco hand printed moleskine journals are adorable.

Found this shop by accident and i have been drooling ever since. LittleOvercoat repurposed children's clothes. Oh my word amazing. Like as if A & N don't need THIS shirt that their dad would love and then this one. Come on someone buy it quick. ok and this one. seriously!!

and of course we can't leave out a good purse or two or three.

ok so that's enough over stimulation. must sleep. loves.

Monday, December 22, 2008

move over martha..

Sewing is the name of my game lately. I have really started to enjoy it again and have been busy making all sorts of thing. Most of which I can't post pics of cause some have not been given this Christmas yet. I have been really enjoying the process of making things come together and being able to put my own creative flair on to it.
If you come over this Christmas you will catch glimpses of my holiday craftiness all over. I think this has been the most fun I have had with Christmas yet....
I am looking forward to this week of just hanging out with my family. We have been a bit sickly these last few weeks and I feel we are all on our way to recovery. The boys are getting over a pnemonia infection which resulted in many sleepless nights. After finally getting some antibiotics they seem to be better. Just wanting to wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas! Just another reason to love the holidays.. as I sit here the boys are just waking up from their naps singing Jingle Bells mixed with Happy Birthday. Does it get any better than this??

Saturday, December 13, 2008

reserved number 6

I am not sure I have expressed how much I love my job. I work part time (half days) at a Middle years school as an Administrative Assistant. It's such a great place to work. It brings me life. The people I work with are amazing and I love what I get to do everyday... I have been filling a term and dreading Christmas Holidays as it would mark the end of my term. This week has been stressful to say the least. It started off with the fabulous news that the girl I was covering Mat leave for decided not to come back. I was happy and eagerly applied for my job when the posting went out on Monday. The rest of the week I was a bundle of nerves waiting for Friday at 4:00 when the posting would close. Being unionized has it's advantages and disadvantages... what if someone with more seniority applied... serious case of nerves. It was kind of awkward at work too you know people are rooting for you to get the job but there is little you can do but wait. I left Friday at lunch feeling nervous and knowing I would have to wait out the weekend for my interview.
4:30 the phone rings and it's my principal.. take deep breathe... He offers me the job.. ME. I got the job. I am assuming no one else applied cause I had no interview just the job. My job. So I will now be a permanent fixture in parking spot number 6.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Thats how to sum up how I feel lately. I am really into the holidays this year. I am not sure if it's because last year the boys were still small and so much work or maybe it's because I feel I have so much time now but I am really enjoying baking, creating, gifting and listening to music. It is all helping me feel festive. I finished my baking and ended up with 6 different goodies in my freezer. This also double duties as having a happy husband. I have been making a lot of my gifts this year. Lots of sewing going on over here. I am really enjoying the process of making things. I have had time to up my house holiday decor as well. I took the idea from Leigh at MSS and made this to hang my Christmas photo cards on this year. I love the way it turned out. I also made some paper stars to hang on their too.

We did put up our tree a couple weekends ago. The boys thought it was fun and got in on decorating.

We got to spend some time with some dear ywam friends for an evening. It was so nice to catch up with them. Randy got the kids all riled up and they had a blast! Thanks so much for coming

Enjoyed having some of my little women over the other night. It felt like family. We sat around my island and ate and drank warm drinks. It was lovely. I am such fans of theirs!

I have been making a December daily album just documenting in words and pictures what we are doing this month. I will post some pics of that this weekend.

I am just enjoying the process... trying to not get all wrapped up in details but really taking the time to enjoy. I have more to share but this will have to do for now. I'll be back this weekend.