Monday, December 29, 2008

a socially conscious purchase

I have been wanting a new wallet for some time now. Mine has been broken for months and not to mention kind of ugly. Not only did I want a new wallet but what I really wanted was a Matt & Nat wallet. Drawn to their not only ridiculously good looking accesories but also drawn to what they stand for.

(this is taken from their webpage)
It started with a challenge, almost 2 decades ago, to forego animal products for thirty days. Unbeknownst at the time, a chain of events was set off culminating in the founding of MATT & NAT: a collection of design-centric, fashion-forward accessories that is also vegan. Armed with this vision, creative director Inder Bedi created a brand that goes beyond fashion, invoking our own human experiences and the environments that surround us.

Now eight years later, from the Montreal headquarters, he works closely with the creative team to redefine the MATT & NAT aesthetic, hinging on a blend of underground and mainstream elements. Modern art and architecture particularly influence collections with color, structured silhouettes, and an emphasis on heavy hardware.

MATT & NAT is widely recognized internationally by press and buyers alike for its unique styling and innovative materials. Spring 08 saw the launch of a nylon collection made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. For Fall 08, the recycled plastic bottles have been converted into felt. These forays into never before seen materials have intrigued and challenged the creative team, who continue to comb the globe for what's next.

With new fabrications and concepts each season, MATT & NAT seeks to surprise, question, and provoke. The positivity message, found on every design, is the MATT & NAT ethos, it is meant to be personalized and to inspire you on your path.

The message found on the box of my wallet reads:

Choose Life. Choose Positivity. Choose the Golden Rule. Choose to be at peace with yourself. Choose Salvation. Choose to make a difference. Choose to be different. Choose to be a rebel. Choose to be funky. Choose to be yourself. Choose to create a fashion statement.

And not only that but she is so pretty...


Eva said...

Now that is cool! My wallet too is coming apart....hmmm...

valerie said...

totally cool. Especially love the positivity message. Awesome.

Amanda said...

Gorgeous. Love it.