Monday, April 18, 2011


feeling the love for this guy. he's such a sweet boy. he is busy yet so gentle. he is cuddly and soft. he gets into everything and is so fast. yet his favorite thing to do is be held. our relationship is changing a bit these days.. I am slowly weaning him... and when I say slow it's cause I am lazy. I find it easier to nurse him.
I am definitely weaning him sooner than I had planned but our upcoming vacation is a choice we made and the stallion and I can't wait to get away so this is just the way it is right now. maybe it's because he is my last baby or maybe its' cause I really don't mind nursing.. whatever it is I am just embracing the change. He loves his bottle so that helps and my discomfort is subsiding. I just need to get him to sleep through that 5 am feed. Cause it sure is just easy to quickly nurse him and put him back to sleep. We both kind of like it. but I am sure his caregivers for when we go won't... ;)
as our relationship ebbs and flows one thing is for sure. our love doesn't change. sentimental.

Friday, April 15, 2011

love starts in the kitchen...

I like being in the kitchen. I love trying new recipes. It helps that my family and especially my husband is VERY easy to cook for. The Stallion is the king of expressing his love for food. There are many ooh's, ahh's and this is so good at most meals. It's a joy to cook for him.

My lovely and very talented in the kitchen friend Crystal shared her love of this cookbook awhile back.
It is full of some seriously good recipes. I just wanted to give Jamie a shout out for making some super easy to follow GREAT recipes. Now if you want to check this out at the library I will return my copy soon... ;) I have renewed it 4 times... lol. I hope to have it for my very own come Mother's Day ;) (Dave)

And just so you know I'm serious.. here are the recipes I have tried and LOVED.

Quick Salmon Tikka with Cucumber Yogurt (17 min)

Asian Chicken Noodle Broth (17 min)

Mini Shell Pasta w/creamy bacon & pea sauce

My Sweet and Sour Pork (so FAST)

Sizzling Beef w/ scallions and black bean sauce

Super Quick Salmon Stir-Fry (FAVE!!!!) Seriously we would eat this once a week for sure!

In the easy Curry section I did:
Chicken Tikka Masala
Thai Green Curry

His Jam Jar dressing recipes are awesome! Especially the Lemon dressing.

I tried the Evolution Potato Salad and his Rice Salad was also so good.

The Ground Beef Wellington was an easy take on a classic. I served it with Bacon and Mushroom cream sauce.

His Basic Stew is amazing.. I did the Beef & Ale version.

There are so many more recipes I want to do but I have to return it to the library... I can't wait for Mother's Day to continue on. The best part about the cookbook is he gives easy practical tips for each recipe. Easy to follow and SO yummy!

Let me know if you try any and what you think!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

where the magic happens...

remember this? the master bedroom was definitely lacking. I mean for the first thing you see when you open your eyes and the last thing before you close them at the end of the day... ugh.
again the color on the walls was drab... goldeny, browny, yellowy, beigey.. drab (yes i made up most of those words...) We still had the plastic shade on the window and had not hung anything up. Here she is before...

and after.... in all her brilliance. LOVE it.
Dave painted the room with one of my favorite colors.. dune white and the feature wall is dragonfly... again color matched at Parkside to Natura paint. I love the pop of blue. I bought new lamp shades. The purple vase on the bedside table was 25 cents at MCC and everything else was already there. The bedding was on clearance at West Elm awhile back. And those grey pillows were bought at SS for 4.00 each. The headboard we recovered with a sheet we found at SS on clearance of course...It has a beautiful chevron pattern. LOVE it.

The curtains were sheets found at SS again on clearance. I love the way they add to the room. The Love decal was found at Custom Vinyl art on Etsy. The old vintage metal embroidery hoops were found at Old House Revival in the city. I had some old quilt blocks that I put in them.

The print was a gift for Dave (take him back to his roots). I had a gift card at Urban Barn and was more than happy to use it on this piece of art... oh also on clearance. ;)
We change up the light fixture to a old paper lantern that I had my handy hubby make work instead of the old boob light that was there. It has a beautiful soft glow.

I am super happy with the way it turned out. It makes me so happy in there. Just the way it should be... I mean after all it is a very important room.

And for the breakdown.
Paint - $40
Lampshades - $14
Decal - $15
Hoops - $14
Print - $59 (had a gift card.. so free)
Bedding - $55
Grey pillows - $8
Headboard "fabric" - $7
2 "curtain" panels - $14
Curtain rod - $15
New sheets - $35 (clearance at Target)
Total - $203

Sunday, April 03, 2011


(disclaimer.. these pics are not great.. we really need a new camera)

super happy with the outcome of the boys room! Dave is a superstar!! A friend came over for the morning to help him paint... and by 9pm that day it was all done!! Amazing. The before color was beyond ugly.. it just did nothing for the space.
Here is the little area at the top of the stars to the right of the boys room. It's a cozy sunny space perfect for reading. But lets go back... here it was before...

and after :)

this was the boys space before.. and yes I left it in all it's messiness for you... although to my defense I sold a couple shelves that used to hide some of the clutter... but seriously the color was so drab.

and to enter the boys space now...

the personalized prints are from Penny People Designs. I got them shortly after the boys were born. I love them.

I know this is a horrible picture... sorry. we were lucky enough to find a used black metal bunk on PVO.. it's perfect and it was a steal of a deal. the boys bedding is from ikea.. the bed skirt I made from some fabric I found at an antique store. The orange crate I got from PVO as well.

the antique armoire came with the house and a malm dresser we had from vancouver fits in the space perfectly. I picked up that paper at a store when we visited friends in Waterloo a couple years ago.

I sold a few shevles we had kicking around and bought the grey cabinet off kijiji. it's a perfect fit for this room. The lovely map decal was found at Custom Vinyl Shop. I love it. I found the bits of vintage paper at Salvage Beauty. I hung them on Baker's twine with little clips I found at dollerrama. The globe is from MCC and the lantern was found at an antique shop. The bulletin board was already in my craft room and looks way better repurposed here.

I love it. The boys love it. They now can store more of their stuff here and play in her more often too. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Moonshine but color matched at Parkside where they have Natura paint.. Low VOC and no odor.. It's awesome and WAY cheaper.

And you know me.. for the best part. This makeover was done LOW budget.
Paint - $28
Lantern - $12
Globe - $10
Grey Ikea Cabinet - $100 (although I sold some shelves I had for $80)
Bunk Bed - $75 ( we already had the mattress's)
Decal - $25
Vintage Paper - $4

Everything else was repurposed from other areas in the house. Total cost $250
What do you think?

(sorry not sure what happened with the font color in this post??)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

not alone but lonely

Do you ever feel like you are alone in your own world? I mean you are surrounded by people and you feel comfort cause I mean in some ways you have created what's going on around you... but you still feel alone?? I feel that way lately. I feel there is just a huge piece missing... I was thinking hard about this last night and kind of came to a semi- conclusion that it may not be anything missing... but the fact that I want MORE!!! I went out this week with a friend that I don't have a long past with.. we have only been friends the last few years... and we don't hang out often enough.. but I felt like me. I felt like I was known. It was a breath of fresh air.

I have always been tired of the fake.. try way to hard stuff. I am tired of that and want to surround myself with depth and character. I'm not talking only about the people I surround myself with but for myself too.... It's always got to start with me.

We have been walking a heavy path in a Spiritual matter lately.. it's left me heartbroken and again lonely. It's hardest when Dave and I are not necessarily on the same path.. I mean we are not on different paths but we are on different emotional levels.. me being emotional about things that hurt and him just being un-emotional about anything... I mean really the guy is as even keel as they come. I have seen him mad like really mad maybe once and he rarely gets really excited about things.. I mean not like I get excited. Smiling can be really excited for him... oh don't get me wrong.. there is no one I love more and no one more perfect for me, just sometimes it's hard to feel things deep down... I think it comes down to I want to be known... isn't that what we all want. I can think back to times when I have been known.. I mean really known. Those times feel long ago. I can say that my relationship with God has grown in this time.. I mean He knows me. He loves me in the midst of all of it....

I am understanding more and more about myself and even as I've written this I feel I have come more to terms with the fact that I may feel like a stranger in my own life some days but that's the beauty of the journey. I mean if only I could imagine where He will take me.. even just a glimpse sometimes send me sailing.. It's a beautiful beautiful thing.

Came across this one the other day while going through old photos.. It is SO good to be known by these guys...