Monday, April 18, 2011


feeling the love for this guy. he's such a sweet boy. he is busy yet so gentle. he is cuddly and soft. he gets into everything and is so fast. yet his favorite thing to do is be held. our relationship is changing a bit these days.. I am slowly weaning him... and when I say slow it's cause I am lazy. I find it easier to nurse him.
I am definitely weaning him sooner than I had planned but our upcoming vacation is a choice we made and the stallion and I can't wait to get away so this is just the way it is right now. maybe it's because he is my last baby or maybe its' cause I really don't mind nursing.. whatever it is I am just embracing the change. He loves his bottle so that helps and my discomfort is subsiding. I just need to get him to sleep through that 5 am feed. Cause it sure is just easy to quickly nurse him and put him back to sleep. We both kind of like it. but I am sure his caregivers for when we go won't... ;)
as our relationship ebbs and flows one thing is for sure. our love doesn't change. sentimental.


Jennifer said...

I can not believe how big your baby has gotten-He is just precious! I hope the weaning continues to go well!

Lydia said...

omg, he's SO CUTE!!!! Hardly looks like a baby anymore. He's quickly turning into a boy!!

Auntie Lyds

Jenelle Suderman said...

he sure does love his mama too!! love this little guy..sooo sweet <3

Terence said...

he looks so big. i'm happy to hear that he still loves to cuddle, can't wait to get my hands on him.

Joshua said...

he looks a lot like you, he is adorable!