Wednesday, October 27, 2010


things in these parts have been good. not sure why i have not had much to write about. thinking point form thoughts work best for me these days.

1. Really enjoying the Mom's program I am going too. We have been deeply impacted by the parenting book we are doing.. Have a New kid by Friday. SOOOOOO good. We have seen things change around here in many ways.. listening, attitude, behavior. The biggest change has been in me and my parenting style. Not giving in to the bad stuff my kids do. Learning how to discipline the right way.. and seeing great results. Hardest part has been giving no warnings. But seriously this stuff works. They really are smarter than I ever thought. And by giving them responsibility in there behavior I am amazed at how great they really can be!

2. Jett is slowly settling into a routine. It's nice to have those long afternoon naps where I can spend time with A & N, doing housework or having some me time.

3. Speaking of Jett - he is such a good boy. He's mellow, relaxed, tons of fun and so loveable. He is cuddly. He loves to hang out. He gives his smiles easily (especially to the ladies). His brothers can make him laugh anytime and we like having him around.

4. Spent last Saturday scrapbooking with friends.. it was SO good and so needed. I got a ton done and it felt so nice to have a day to myself. I went home only once to feed Jett to give myself some relief.. he takes a bottle pretty good and my freezer is so full of pumped milk we may as well use it.

5. A & N love clubs. It is adorable listening to them memorize verses each week. And amazing how much they absorb.

6. Dave and I need a date night... just time to spend together.

7. We are struggling through some financial stuff and sticking to a hard budget is HARD for me. I just want to be free of it.

8. Can't wait to dress the kids up this weekend. I have a Dragon, a Lion and I made Jett the cutest owl costume. Going to be adorable!!

9. It's been one year since we moved here... we LOVE it. Somedays Dave and I can't believe this is our house and we get to be here. It's a true blessing.

Wish I had some photos but I have been lousy at picking up my camera.. I will take pics this weekend of our halloween festivities and be back to blog soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

crafty haven

Remember this...

I am lucky to have a space all to my own. When we bought this house I knew that little room would be the perfect "studio" It worked fine for this last year. But something had to change and when Dave said I could redo it if I spent next to no money I jumped at the chance.. I mean come on I'm a thrifty girl. So here is my new space....

Some details...

Paint - leftover from Jett's room - so we had to buy a paintbrush and roller $13
Blue scrapbooking desk - I already owned (got for $20 at a garage sale a year or so ago)
Old Orange crate - $5 for two off PVO
Clipboards - free! (Thanks Dixie)
New sewing cupboard/desk - a piece that was out on our porch that came with the house.. I gave it a coat of paint we had from our old house. It's awesome it fits so much inside and my cutting board fits nicely on top - much better than cutting fabric kneeled down on the floor.
Blue chairs - Given to me by a friend :)
Light fixture - Lamp I bought last year and never took out of the box.. I made Dave turn it into this. LOVE it.
Total - $18

Yea brilliant.
Everything else was in there...

Friday, October 15, 2010

old friends

Tuesday evening I was calm, cool and collected. Anticipating meeting Dixie on Wednesday was really no big deal. I mean I had cleaned the house, baked cookies, made soup, had cinn buns ready, washed my hair, pressed my jeans.. no just kidding I didn't wash my hair.

Wednesday morning came and I was NERVOUS... I mean really what if she didn't like me? what if we had nothing to talk about? what if I tripped and fell or something... I think I paced the kitchen island a million times. I called Dave hoping he would give me some reassurance he did offer me the suggestion that if we had nothing to talk about we could talk about him. yea thanks hun.

I almost pooped my pants when I saw her van come down my driveway. But then something happened I opened up my door and greeted this woman I had seen many times in pictures and she reached out and hugged me and I realized we were just a couple of old friends. I was instantly comfortable with her. It was good.

And that's how the whole visit went we sat and drank tea (me coffee), ate cinn buns, watched miners being pulled out of the ground, we only had to intervene with our children a couple times... it went really well. I never found we ran out of things to talk about and oh man this girl is FUNNY.. just like I thought she would be. Sometimes I caught myself wanting to be her. She was confident, kind and did I mention funny. There were even some sex jokes.. if you read her blog you know the ones ;) They made me love her even more.

Lucky I had cheese and strawberries cause I felt bad that her kids didn't like my lunch and she probably had to stop at mcdonald's on her way out of town.. I hate that we didn't get one picture though. We will next time. Cause I can't wait to hang out with my old friend again soon.

She's a gem. Thanks for a great day Dixie!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

weekend randoms

1. It has been a very productive day. Having Dave home makes such a difference. Cleaned windows, finished painting the studio - YEA!!!, did some cooking, ran errands.

2. I have felt lighter all week (not physically) just a sense of more balance.

3. Brainstorming for a holiday open house (early to mid november) really excited to do it up GOOD. Wanting to give back in the process so I am wanting to find a charity or something to donate a portion of sales... still praying about this one. Would love feedback. Speaking of Norwex they got a new kids line this fall. So adorable. They mini enviro, window cloth and dusting mitt are awesome. I opened it up today and this is what the boys have been doing ever since. Cleaning our old wooden stairs is the worst job. They are always dusty - Ari got right to work. Amazing!!!

4. Giddy at the fact that on Wednesday I get to meet Dixie in real life! I have followed her blog for sometime and just always felt a connection. Her family is living an hour away and she is driving down to hang out with us.

5. Even though #2 has been good it's been a tough week in some other ways. Thursday was a day we hope to move on from. Some bad work stuff for Dave... hard to see the person you love not themselves. I think #2 actually may have helped the situation.

6. In love. I know this should be a given.. but truth be told it's been a rough last few month for us. I never take my relationship with Dave for granted and know that marriage is hard work. It's just been nice that lately it's not been so hard. I love that guy so much. Yesterday we celebrated 7 years since our engagement.

7. 4 months since Jett entered our lives. Wow I love that little meatball so much. He is so much fun. Not to mention so laid back and chill.... and have I mentioned how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE that he is one baby. So easy.

8. Going out on a date with hubbie tonight. (wrote this saturday only posted it today) Figured he could use to escape a little after the week he had. I also enjoy having a night off from the kids. I also never take for granted and am so thankful that my milk supply is bountiful and I can pump and go out. "Like I always say my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard."

9. Really enjoying the recipes off this blog. It's new but her family must be really happy. I've done the breadsticks (oh yum) and the lazy tacos (whoa good).

10. I love my friends. I don't tell them enough.

11. I am learning to trust again... in God I mean. I feel like Him and I have not really been as close as we used to be. It's been encouraging to get back there. Baby steps.

12. There are so many things we love about living out of town. Life is lived at a slower pace and you are allowed so many more luxuries'.... like target practice. A few small animals may or may not have given there lives at our expense this fall. But after the week Dave had he was entitled.

13. I love coffee.

14. I have an obsession with chairs lately... Dave would tell you we have too many. I love them all. Just welcomed three more to the family today. One is going to look amazing after I attempt to reupholster it. The other two just look good the way they are. The one I will redo will make it's home in my studio (I know you all love when I say that). I can't wait to show you!!!

15. I'm thankful. I started a thankful list. Every day I write down at least three things I am thankful for. It's really helped me stay grounded... some days it's so much easier to recognize the things I dislike... but really I have zero to complain about.

16. Speaking of thankful I cannot tell you how pumped I am for supper tonight at my parents. Who doesn't love a good thanksgiving meal - YUM!

Enjoy your thanksgiving weekend my Canadian friends.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

next project

scrapbooking chaos

okay who am I kidding.. things around me are always a constant project. my mind has far too many ideas floating around. but after living here almost a year now it's time to do some painting upstairs. the color up there is awful. every space upstairs is the same color.. the most unflattering shade of yellow. blech. the upstairs was also painted with oil so every time we want to change a room we have to use this horrid primer so we can turn it all latex. first project is my studio... i can't even belive i am going to share these before pics with you. it's MESSY. you will see in major need of an overhaul. so that's what I am doing. can't wait to show you the after.
yes i am more than happy to remove that stenciling and those curtains

Friday, October 01, 2010

lucky girl

I had a fabulous day yesterday as I celebrated my 31st birthday. I have been feeling such hope for this year and the start did not disappoint. I was able to lunch with my besties, chill with my baby, play with my big boys, cuddle with the Stallion, eat WAY to much food, enjoy snacks and grey's with my BFF, not pay duty on my new stroller at the border - wahoo!!, and did I mention all the food?? sheesh!

I felt loved on. On the weekend I was in the city for a meeting and did a bit of shopping with some birthday money.. found some lululemon pants ON SALE!! I figured since I am a SAHM this year I could wear sweats more :) and also scored a jacket from there... regular price $99 on sale for $29 yep seriously. It's a beauty!!
Dave bought me an ipod dock and the tunes have been rocking in this old house. I was also the recipient of some new jewelry.. from my absolute favorite jewelry designer!! Yes not one necklace but TWO - lucky girl I am. I love them and the worst part is deciding which one to wear on which day!

that's me.. I'm the lucky girl!