Wednesday, October 27, 2010


things in these parts have been good. not sure why i have not had much to write about. thinking point form thoughts work best for me these days.

1. Really enjoying the Mom's program I am going too. We have been deeply impacted by the parenting book we are doing.. Have a New kid by Friday. SOOOOOO good. We have seen things change around here in many ways.. listening, attitude, behavior. The biggest change has been in me and my parenting style. Not giving in to the bad stuff my kids do. Learning how to discipline the right way.. and seeing great results. Hardest part has been giving no warnings. But seriously this stuff works. They really are smarter than I ever thought. And by giving them responsibility in there behavior I am amazed at how great they really can be!

2. Jett is slowly settling into a routine. It's nice to have those long afternoon naps where I can spend time with A & N, doing housework or having some me time.

3. Speaking of Jett - he is such a good boy. He's mellow, relaxed, tons of fun and so loveable. He is cuddly. He loves to hang out. He gives his smiles easily (especially to the ladies). His brothers can make him laugh anytime and we like having him around.

4. Spent last Saturday scrapbooking with friends.. it was SO good and so needed. I got a ton done and it felt so nice to have a day to myself. I went home only once to feed Jett to give myself some relief.. he takes a bottle pretty good and my freezer is so full of pumped milk we may as well use it.

5. A & N love clubs. It is adorable listening to them memorize verses each week. And amazing how much they absorb.

6. Dave and I need a date night... just time to spend together.

7. We are struggling through some financial stuff and sticking to a hard budget is HARD for me. I just want to be free of it.

8. Can't wait to dress the kids up this weekend. I have a Dragon, a Lion and I made Jett the cutest owl costume. Going to be adorable!!

9. It's been one year since we moved here... we LOVE it. Somedays Dave and I can't believe this is our house and we get to be here. It's a true blessing.

Wish I had some photos but I have been lousy at picking up my camera.. I will take pics this weekend of our halloween festivities and be back to blog soon.


Lise said...

#3...yes, speaking of Jett - I love him to bits and get Jett withdraw if I don't see him frequently. LOVE. THE. CHUBS.

Stacey said...

Sounds so good :) Especially #9. Hoping that one day we find our dream house too!