Friday, October 01, 2010

lucky girl

I had a fabulous day yesterday as I celebrated my 31st birthday. I have been feeling such hope for this year and the start did not disappoint. I was able to lunch with my besties, chill with my baby, play with my big boys, cuddle with the Stallion, eat WAY to much food, enjoy snacks and grey's with my BFF, not pay duty on my new stroller at the border - wahoo!!, and did I mention all the food?? sheesh!

I felt loved on. On the weekend I was in the city for a meeting and did a bit of shopping with some birthday money.. found some lululemon pants ON SALE!! I figured since I am a SAHM this year I could wear sweats more :) and also scored a jacket from there... regular price $99 on sale for $29 yep seriously. It's a beauty!!
Dave bought me an ipod dock and the tunes have been rocking in this old house. I was also the recipient of some new jewelry.. from my absolute favorite jewelry designer!! Yes not one necklace but TWO - lucky girl I am. I love them and the worst part is deciding which one to wear on which day!

that's me.. I'm the lucky girl!


Carmelle said...

You are a lucky girl! Sounds like you had an awesome day. What a score at lulu for that jacket!

kelly ens said...

sounds awesome!!! Happy birthday! :)

Crystal said...

Ooooh that second one is a beauty too! Glad you didn't get two of the same one :) Love you and so glad you had a great day! Can't wait for tomorrow.