Saturday, October 09, 2010

weekend randoms

1. It has been a very productive day. Having Dave home makes such a difference. Cleaned windows, finished painting the studio - YEA!!!, did some cooking, ran errands.

2. I have felt lighter all week (not physically) just a sense of more balance.

3. Brainstorming for a holiday open house (early to mid november) really excited to do it up GOOD. Wanting to give back in the process so I am wanting to find a charity or something to donate a portion of sales... still praying about this one. Would love feedback. Speaking of Norwex they got a new kids line this fall. So adorable. They mini enviro, window cloth and dusting mitt are awesome. I opened it up today and this is what the boys have been doing ever since. Cleaning our old wooden stairs is the worst job. They are always dusty - Ari got right to work. Amazing!!!

4. Giddy at the fact that on Wednesday I get to meet Dixie in real life! I have followed her blog for sometime and just always felt a connection. Her family is living an hour away and she is driving down to hang out with us.

5. Even though #2 has been good it's been a tough week in some other ways. Thursday was a day we hope to move on from. Some bad work stuff for Dave... hard to see the person you love not themselves. I think #2 actually may have helped the situation.

6. In love. I know this should be a given.. but truth be told it's been a rough last few month for us. I never take my relationship with Dave for granted and know that marriage is hard work. It's just been nice that lately it's not been so hard. I love that guy so much. Yesterday we celebrated 7 years since our engagement.

7. 4 months since Jett entered our lives. Wow I love that little meatball so much. He is so much fun. Not to mention so laid back and chill.... and have I mentioned how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE that he is one baby. So easy.

8. Going out on a date with hubbie tonight. (wrote this saturday only posted it today) Figured he could use to escape a little after the week he had. I also enjoy having a night off from the kids. I also never take for granted and am so thankful that my milk supply is bountiful and I can pump and go out. "Like I always say my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard."

9. Really enjoying the recipes off this blog. It's new but her family must be really happy. I've done the breadsticks (oh yum) and the lazy tacos (whoa good).

10. I love my friends. I don't tell them enough.

11. I am learning to trust again... in God I mean. I feel like Him and I have not really been as close as we used to be. It's been encouraging to get back there. Baby steps.

12. There are so many things we love about living out of town. Life is lived at a slower pace and you are allowed so many more luxuries'.... like target practice. A few small animals may or may not have given there lives at our expense this fall. But after the week Dave had he was entitled.

13. I love coffee.

14. I have an obsession with chairs lately... Dave would tell you we have too many. I love them all. Just welcomed three more to the family today. One is going to look amazing after I attempt to reupholster it. The other two just look good the way they are. The one I will redo will make it's home in my studio (I know you all love when I say that). I can't wait to show you!!!

15. I'm thankful. I started a thankful list. Every day I write down at least three things I am thankful for. It's really helped me stay grounded... some days it's so much easier to recognize the things I dislike... but really I have zero to complain about.

16. Speaking of thankful I cannot tell you how pumped I am for supper tonight at my parents. Who doesn't love a good thanksgiving meal - YUM!

Enjoy your thanksgiving weekend my Canadian friends.


Lise said...

my list:
#1 Thinkin' about the Stallion a lot.

#2 Yay for milkshakes. :)

#3 Stallion is entitled to shoot as much stuff as he wants for the rest of his life.

#4love you too.

Jenelle Suderman said...

Lovely post from a wonderful person...loving number 2 and dave's an awesome guy and so i hope he can move on from all the stuff this last week! :) <3 you guys!!

valerie said...

Love the list.
Thinking about you a lot. So glad that you're starting to move towards becoming more like the person you want to be :)

carol said...

love the little house elf on the stairs. :-)
Crappy days at work make the mediocre days looke AWESOME, Dave.
Can't wait to see the chair redone!
Sounds like you have a happy heart going on over there. Good for you.

Tam said...

What a great post. So many points made me smile. You have a beautiful heart. I especially loved #11. And am reminded that God wants to shower blessings on you!! Happy Thanksgiving.

Karla said...

I'm so excited that you're meeting Dixie! I started following her blog because of YOU - and now I feel all tied up in this meeting thing.

Your balance brings balance to your little family... I predict a good, solid winter for your clan!

I want to bite Jett's legs.

Crystal said...

Can't emphasize enough how glad I am that Dave's hair made it out okay. I love you.

The Nilsen's Journey said...

Great post! And J is so so so cute! He's huge too! I love that when babies get huge on milk! Blows my mind the miracle God made in breastmilk! And hooray for good supply!