Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So we are feeling extremely festive in this old house already. Thanks to my Holiday open house we are decked out. I love it.

The open house went... good. I am so thankful for those that came but was disappointed in the turn out.. especially when you work so hard.. anyways. It went well and I think people enjoyed the deals and the sweets. Plus it was so fun to have people over. I love that.

Here is the festivity in pictures.. there were a few dear friends who could not make it and wanted to see the finished product. Thanks to some amazing friends who helped me package and tie ribbons (not to mention help me with that jug of wine)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


because it's crazy around here and we all need a little relief.

thank you photo booth.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Tonight I am filled to the brim with emotions... some deep stuff. Ari had a meltdown today.. okay he had more than one. The boys had no alone time today.. we try to have them be apart for at least an hour each afternoon... they also had no alone time yesterday ... it takes it toll. Especially on sweet soft Ari. So we took Noah to clubs and took Ari home for an early bedtime. Dave and i sat on either side of him as he watched a short kids show before heading up to read stories and go to bed. He talked so sweetly and enjoyed us... It hit me. I feel I have ripped them off.. well not really me but the whole thing of being a twin. They get ripped off. It's so hard to spend one on one time with them.. throw in a third child and geez the boys get the short end of the stick.

It's wrecking me today. Twins is hard... the first year is a blank page in my memory. Nothing. I survived sure but I remember none of it. I feel like with Jett I am experiencing so many things for the first time.

But for real tonight hit me... they get so little of our undivided attention. Yea we make time to have special dates when we can... but that doesn't happen often enough. They are constantly together and having to share life.. all of life. They are so different yet they are put into the same box constantly.

I want to love them.. no rephrase that I want to love more of each of them. My heart is heavy for that right now. I know the benefits of having two and how they love each other and all that good stuff... but somedays it just doesn't feel fair.

I want them to never feel ripped off. It's grace that I need. Grace to love them the best I can.. all of them. All the time.


I read alot of blogs.. I mean of course I can't stay on top of them all the time but I try. I need a new blog reader... I want your suggestions... What do you use and what do you love about it? I need something that highlights when people blog a new post and it needs to be easy....
any thoughts??

be sure to scroll down for halloween goodness from yesterday.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

halloween 2010

we had a good time. we dressed up twice. saturday night we attended a local carnival. it was a bit crazy with tons of people but the kids had so much fun playing games and eating candy.. and cupcakes.. and cotton candy... my owl made no appearance in pictures that night but I did manage to steal this one from crystal...

sunday we got our game faces on before supper.

then we headed out for the main event. we visited family and a few friends houses... unfortunately our little owls first trick or treat night ended early with a huge poop explosion... needless to say his costume landed up in the garbage and the trick seemed to be on us. we left him comfy in jammies with Grandma and Papa and hit up a few more houses. The loot was amazing. The boys loved it.