Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a little chaos..

just wanted to apoligize for my lack of posting and confess you will have to wait one more week.. we are in the craziness of packing and we are leaving tommorow so we have not had a ton of time for much else. i just wanted you to know where we are at. check back next week for a update and lots of fun pictures from all the fun parties and such we have had this past week..
saying goodbye is never fun...

Monday, March 20, 2006

My Blessingway

I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful blessingway planned this weekend by my lovely friends. Audrey hosted and with help planned the best sunday afternoon. It was so special. I wish I could remember every word that was spoken it was so lovely. A blessingway is used to mark the change in a woman's life and it is a more symbolic and moves away from the traditional shower as it celebrates the women's new journey into motherhood. My blessingway was beautiful. We had communion, a beautiful reading which symbololized the love and support I have by others around me, I received shoulder massage, hand massage and a foot wash. My friends prayed for me and for the boys. They even brought letters for the boys that they had written.There was so much thoughtfulness poured into the day. Its hard to put here all the emotion and love that went into that time. I felt so blessed. They also brough gifts for the babies which was so nice.
It was so beautiful to know that I am embraced by so many women. One thing we did that i love is called A Weaving. There was a ball of yarn and we each tied string around each others wrists and we were then all connected. The string was cut in between each person and its to remain on their wrists till the babies come. I thought it was a lovely reminder of knowing that they support me in this journey. Here are some pics from the time. It was hard to choose pictures to encompass this time. I had the best day and want to thank my friends - you will be missed more than you will know.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2 weeks + 1 day...

the countdown is on. the short span of time left is overwhelming and next to impossible to wrap my mind around. it envokes feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, relief, basically your run or the mill emotional roller coaster. you are constantly thinking "this is the last time.." phrases when you do things. on sunday dave and i went for a walk and talked about how much we will miss the mountains and the green grass year round. the cherry blossom trees are out in full bloom and their beauty takes my breath away sometimes. last time for brittania sushi.. last time to stop in favorite coffee shops or shop on the drive.. donalds market and cheap produce. i won't even begin to start with the emotional ties to people i am not prepared for that.
i know we are moving on for great reasons and i am not doubting its right but regardless of right or not its not easy.
we did get to visit seattle this past weekend and hang out with friends we will not see for awhile. we had a great time! i even got to spend some girl time with mel, amy and amanda which was amazing. lots of memories with them. reminders of the amazing last 5 years and all that has happened.
so my belly is growing bigger and bigger. had to go shopping again - some will say i look almost full term already and i can imagine towards the end i will sit around in my underwear or have to make dresses out of blankets. heehee i'm just kidding although they should make a special store for pregnant twin moms. i'm lucky dave loves my belly he even talks of how sad he will be when it is gone. i am happy to report i have started gaining a better amount of weight and it still is only in my belly which makes me happy. ok maybe a couple pounds in my poor swollen feet.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

not into keeping secrets...

yes i am still here and apoligize for the lack of posting. last week went so fast with all the comotion around here. the dts teams came back from outreach so it made for a very busy week. it was so great to have them all come back and have them share their stories. the weekend was nice as the staff went to a hotel to debreif the school and relax. i floated in the pool - what an incredible feeling to be weightless.
well yesterday was the big day... as dave would say we spyed on the babies which was awesome. we went to a different place than last time and although we waited forever we also were blessed to have them be "playing" around with the 3D feature which allowed us great views of our little guys - yep kickstands and all.... i have to admit i was suprised for some reason i really thought they would be girls. we are both very excited!! i am relieved because my biggest fear was that they wouldn't be in the right position to tell. we got some amazing shots of the babies and seeing the 3D views was incredible. we couldn't scan the pictures for some reason they did not turn out but i am positive the one baby we got a good face shot of looks just like dave. super cute. so instead of pics of the baby i found this cute onesie that describes it all.. my boys will be boob men. (if anyone ever comes across this onesie i would like two!)

way too many cool websites out there you have to check this out: http://www.cafepress.com/deeksbrats/1200861