Tuesday, March 07, 2006

not into keeping secrets...

yes i am still here and apoligize for the lack of posting. last week went so fast with all the comotion around here. the dts teams came back from outreach so it made for a very busy week. it was so great to have them all come back and have them share their stories. the weekend was nice as the staff went to a hotel to debreif the school and relax. i floated in the pool - what an incredible feeling to be weightless.
well yesterday was the big day... as dave would say we spyed on the babies which was awesome. we went to a different place than last time and although we waited forever we also were blessed to have them be "playing" around with the 3D feature which allowed us great views of our little guys - yep kickstands and all.... i have to admit i was suprised for some reason i really thought they would be girls. we are both very excited!! i am relieved because my biggest fear was that they wouldn't be in the right position to tell. we got some amazing shots of the babies and seeing the 3D views was incredible. we couldn't scan the pictures for some reason they did not turn out but i am positive the one baby we got a good face shot of looks just like dave. super cute. so instead of pics of the baby i found this cute onesie that describes it all.. my boys will be boob men. (if anyone ever comes across this onesie i would like two!)

way too many cool websites out there you have to check this out: http://www.cafepress.com/deeksbrats/1200861


Julia Di Francesco said...

yea for boys! it will be neat to see what twin boys are like!

Leigh Oliver said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure they'll both be great kids!!!

rashell said...

Congrats on your upcoming arrivals! I'm so tickled that you like my shop (I own Deeksbrats!) I add new things every week so please stop in now and again.
Good luck to you!
Best Wishes...Rashell

Auntie Lyds said...

I am so happy you are having boys and I can't wait to buy little clothes for them!!! :)



lindsey said...

oh how exciting! i can't wait to meet them!