Monday, March 20, 2006

My Blessingway

I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful blessingway planned this weekend by my lovely friends. Audrey hosted and with help planned the best sunday afternoon. It was so special. I wish I could remember every word that was spoken it was so lovely. A blessingway is used to mark the change in a woman's life and it is a more symbolic and moves away from the traditional shower as it celebrates the women's new journey into motherhood. My blessingway was beautiful. We had communion, a beautiful reading which symbololized the love and support I have by others around me, I received shoulder massage, hand massage and a foot wash. My friends prayed for me and for the boys. They even brought letters for the boys that they had written.There was so much thoughtfulness poured into the day. Its hard to put here all the emotion and love that went into that time. I felt so blessed. They also brough gifts for the babies which was so nice.
It was so beautiful to know that I am embraced by so many women. One thing we did that i love is called A Weaving. There was a ball of yarn and we each tied string around each others wrists and we were then all connected. The string was cut in between each person and its to remain on their wrists till the babies come. I thought it was a lovely reminder of knowing that they support me in this journey. Here are some pics from the time. It was hard to choose pictures to encompass this time. I had the best day and want to thank my friends - you will be missed more than you will know.


Julia Di Francesco said...

What a great gathering. I love the idea of the bracelet. Sounds like so much fun. Gald to hear you are doing well.
take care love you lots

Angel said...

funny...i just did a post of that too!!!
you look gorgeous.

Oh Joy said...

No seriously, I can't believe you are 6 months pregnant with TWINS. You look really great!

Lydia said...

Wow. What amazing friends you have!! Looks like it was meaningful and a lot of fun too!

I'm not sure exactly of your moving day, but good luck with that!

Love you! xoxo