Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2 weeks + 1 day...

the countdown is on. the short span of time left is overwhelming and next to impossible to wrap my mind around. it envokes feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, relief, basically your run or the mill emotional roller coaster. you are constantly thinking "this is the last time.." phrases when you do things. on sunday dave and i went for a walk and talked about how much we will miss the mountains and the green grass year round. the cherry blossom trees are out in full bloom and their beauty takes my breath away sometimes. last time for brittania sushi.. last time to stop in favorite coffee shops or shop on the drive.. donalds market and cheap produce. i won't even begin to start with the emotional ties to people i am not prepared for that.
i know we are moving on for great reasons and i am not doubting its right but regardless of right or not its not easy.
we did get to visit seattle this past weekend and hang out with friends we will not see for awhile. we had a great time! i even got to spend some girl time with mel, amy and amanda which was amazing. lots of memories with them. reminders of the amazing last 5 years and all that has happened.
so my belly is growing bigger and bigger. had to go shopping again - some will say i look almost full term already and i can imagine towards the end i will sit around in my underwear or have to make dresses out of blankets. heehee i'm just kidding although they should make a special store for pregnant twin moms. i'm lucky dave loves my belly he even talks of how sad he will be when it is gone. i am happy to report i have started gaining a better amount of weight and it still is only in my belly which makes me happy. ok maybe a couple pounds in my poor swollen feet.


Rachel said...

thanks for making the tears begin already heath!!! im gonna miss you both and you are right...right or not, its still not easy!
i love you!!

Angel said...

don't leave me.....awww

Just so we're clear...You're sure you want BOTH babies right? Cause I wouldn't mind a freebee - skipping the whole pregnant thing, and all sounds good to me!!! Although those two are gonna be ADORABLE and I wouldn't be able to pick one, so I guess I'll let you keep them both! Can hardly wait to meet them in August!

mathewandcarly said...

heath! :) i hope the suprise we put in the mail for you makes it in time. Mat asked if it would, I said "Oh yeah, they aren't moving until April" and then I realized it's coming up sooner that I thought.....and sooner than you thought probably too. Hope everything is going well, glad you and I don't have to say goodbye again....doing it once is hard enough! :) so, when you comin down here to see us? ;)
love you!

bricklayerterence said...

Holy living H Heather. It looks like your belly is filled with a twelve pack of starbucks and love. Dave and Heather....enjoy every bit of being pregnant.

I'm looking forward to seeing them outside of the ultrasounds! The whole nation of Australia is waiting.