Friday, April 15, 2011

love starts in the kitchen...

I like being in the kitchen. I love trying new recipes. It helps that my family and especially my husband is VERY easy to cook for. The Stallion is the king of expressing his love for food. There are many ooh's, ahh's and this is so good at most meals. It's a joy to cook for him.

My lovely and very talented in the kitchen friend Crystal shared her love of this cookbook awhile back.
It is full of some seriously good recipes. I just wanted to give Jamie a shout out for making some super easy to follow GREAT recipes. Now if you want to check this out at the library I will return my copy soon... ;) I have renewed it 4 times... lol. I hope to have it for my very own come Mother's Day ;) (Dave)

And just so you know I'm serious.. here are the recipes I have tried and LOVED.

Quick Salmon Tikka with Cucumber Yogurt (17 min)

Asian Chicken Noodle Broth (17 min)

Mini Shell Pasta w/creamy bacon & pea sauce

My Sweet and Sour Pork (so FAST)

Sizzling Beef w/ scallions and black bean sauce

Super Quick Salmon Stir-Fry (FAVE!!!!) Seriously we would eat this once a week for sure!

In the easy Curry section I did:
Chicken Tikka Masala
Thai Green Curry

His Jam Jar dressing recipes are awesome! Especially the Lemon dressing.

I tried the Evolution Potato Salad and his Rice Salad was also so good.

The Ground Beef Wellington was an easy take on a classic. I served it with Bacon and Mushroom cream sauce.

His Basic Stew is amazing.. I did the Beef & Ale version.

There are so many more recipes I want to do but I have to return it to the library... I can't wait for Mother's Day to continue on. The best part about the cookbook is he gives easy practical tips for each recipe. Easy to follow and SO yummy!

Let me know if you try any and what you think!


Lise said...

have you heard?! Crystal ran away with Jamie! You didn't hear it from me.

My favorite cookbook.

Holly said...

sweet i got this book for christmas and have been too busy trying out recipes from other books and just haven't gotten to that one yet. but now i'm even more excited to start!

The Stiffs said...

Love this one too! Made the quick salmon stir-fry for my bro and sil, we all loved it. And the beef and ale stew...a classic!!
I laughed when you said you've renewed the book 4 times. I think I take 'Fresh Flavour Fast' out every other time I'm at the library. :)

Crystal said...

Pot Roast Meatloaf sealed the deal with my love for this man. I think this cookbook is a perfect for my life right now. Fresh ingredients, quick and tasty foods that still have pizazz.

Jennifer said...

The sweet and sour pork looks really good! I also love the word fast after it-that is my kind of cooking!!

Pennerfive said...

So, you're saying that love starts in the kitchen with Jamie and the magic happens in your bedroom with the Stallion? Good. I just needed to clarify.

Carry on.

Heather said...

OH Karla.. you love it when the content on Our Life Voyage is racey... miss you.

carly smith said...

i'm impressed you can check out a cookbook from the library and use it. i must be a much messier cook than you. i'll put this one on my amazon wish list, fo sho!