Thursday, December 04, 2008


Thats how to sum up how I feel lately. I am really into the holidays this year. I am not sure if it's because last year the boys were still small and so much work or maybe it's because I feel I have so much time now but I am really enjoying baking, creating, gifting and listening to music. It is all helping me feel festive. I finished my baking and ended up with 6 different goodies in my freezer. This also double duties as having a happy husband. I have been making a lot of my gifts this year. Lots of sewing going on over here. I am really enjoying the process of making things. I have had time to up my house holiday decor as well. I took the idea from Leigh at MSS and made this to hang my Christmas photo cards on this year. I love the way it turned out. I also made some paper stars to hang on their too.

We did put up our tree a couple weekends ago. The boys thought it was fun and got in on decorating.

We got to spend some time with some dear ywam friends for an evening. It was so nice to catch up with them. Randy got the kids all riled up and they had a blast! Thanks so much for coming

Enjoyed having some of my little women over the other night. It felt like family. We sat around my island and ate and drank warm drinks. It was lovely. I am such fans of theirs!

I have been making a December daily album just documenting in words and pictures what we are doing this month. I will post some pics of that this weekend.

I am just enjoying the process... trying to not get all wrapped up in details but really taking the time to enjoy. I have more to share but this will have to do for now. I'll be back this weekend.


Holly said...

haha you put up a pic of your tree anyways! i had a really great time at your place. we'll have to double date sometime!

Jennifer said...

Yay! Awesome post! I absolute love your card-hanging tree!! What kind of branches did you use? (That explains your FB status.)

Crystal said...

I wish I had a family picture to give to you for your tree :( Way to go on the branches.

Melanie said...

Conundrum: where can I find some good branches to do that too?

I love that... your 'little women'. Awesome.

DavenHeather said...

go to the city yard.. east of town. tons of branches just sitting there waiting for you to come get them. :)

Marcy said...

sounds like you're back with a vengance!!

Verna said...

YOu all did a wonderfull job with Little Women.

ps my mop broke, how do I get it fixed?

joanna said...

your crafty-ness is inspiring!
love you!