Thursday, January 01, 2009

one little word

well 2009 is officially here. I have been thinking all week about how I want to live life this year. Last year I wrote about my one little word HERE. after much thought I have chosen the word Choose for my word for 2009.
Life is all about choosing. In my day there are a million moments that collide. I can shape each one - all based on a choice. What kind of day will I have? How will it affect those around me, especially my family. Looking back over this last year I have made a ton of choices; some good, some bad. But each one shaped me. My attitude on any given day was just a product of how I chose to live.
This year I want to be constantly aware and always choosing life for myself and those around me.
I choose to live positively
I choose the golden rule.
I choose salvation and to walk out of the prison I have made for myself and into the palace
I choose to make a difference and live outward
I choose to be happy in my body
I choose to be myself and I choose to wake up each day with the intention of living each moment with the best choice I can make.


Jenelle Suderman said...

you are one inspiring women!

Leigh said...

Love your word, Heather.
And I love what you wrote.. it's so true!
Wishing you a blessed 2009!

Marcy said...

Perfect for you Heather!!

Eva said...

Great choice Heather!
Happy New Year!!

carly smith said...

i choose to let you inspire me every day with your journey and your life.
you are an inspiring ray of sunshine, even when your days are stormy. your authenticity and real-ness are what is most inspiring and treasured about you. may your 2009 bring you lots of exciting, meaningful and blessed choices for you and your family. :)

DavenHeather said...

aww thanks carly. you are so sweet!

Emily Deu said...

that's a very appropriate word..I like it.