Saturday, January 24, 2009


-wake to sounds of the boys chatting to each other mixed with singing
-stay in bed for while dave gets them up
-roll out of bed after being smothered in little hugs.
-make coffee
-check email
-go downstairs and play bus driver where of course i am the passenger. we're going to the bank.
-sort laundry
-finish dusting and pick up the bedrooms
-eat breakfast - oatmeal
-clean kitchen while the boys shower
-dry off boys and get them dressed
-start sweeping all floors and get dave to vaccum rug
-cuddle with a sad ari who banged his head.
-get the kids out the door with daddy who is taking them to the car wash.
-mop floors
-hand wash stairs
-spend some running time on the treadmill
-start lunch in time to greet some excited kids who did really well at the car wash and brought mommy coffee from tim's (and timbits for themselves)
-eat lunch while listening to play by play of the car wash - i definitely know soap was involved.
-make mexican lasagna for friends coming for dinner. take out frozen pie shells to make a yummy dessert.
-put kids to nap
-head to MCC and find the coolest shelf that i am going to paint yellow.
-stop by MSS and drop off Marcy's Harry Potter book that I have had forever.
-come home. and it's only 2:00 p.m.
Happy Saturday.


Jenelle Suderman said...

WOW that sounds like a great day..very productive! Sounds like you must have been up by 4am..cant imgaine getting that much done on a saturday by 2..your amazing!

Marcy said...

WAY more productive than my day! Way to go Heather!

Stacie said...

That sounds about right.

Lori said...

Heather, you are inspiring. I don't know if I could ever do all that!

lindsey said...

very cute heater!