Friday, January 02, 2009

our christmas in lists

I got
~gift cert for the spa
~green starbucks mug
~domino's decorating book
~wii (our present to each other this year)
~earings and necklace from sil

I gave
~cars, trucks, cement mixers and fork lifts
~camera strap for friend overseas from this lovely shop
~homemade journals/photo albums and ipod covers
~dave a wallet cause I washed his a few weeks back

I listened to (my top songs right now)
~Free Fallin' new John Mayer live version
~Human by the Killers
~Last Train Home by Ryan Star
~You found me by the Fray
~Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson
~Lay all you love on me - oh my word from the Mama Mia soundtrack
~Winter Song by Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
~Lost by Coldplay

I ate

I went
~to an ugly christmas sweater party
~to holly's house with my little women
~to amanda's to celebrate with her and Jenelle
~to a costume gala dressed up as a maid.
~to mom and dad's more times than i can count.

I thought about
~good red wine (that also could have gone under the I ate (drank) catagory alot.
~what 09 could hold for me
~what 08 didn't
~good friends
~old friends that i don't see anymore
~what i thought i always wanted and know maybe don't
~guilt (see above)
~family far away and wishing they were here
~how sad i was that my favorite pair of jeans have officially worn out and cannot be mended again.

I love
~my husband
~my two goofy goofballs that keep me busy but full of love
~my family and that most of them are here and my boys get to experience a close family.
~my friends who get me even when i don't
~red wine
~drinking coffee out of pretty mugs
~my house
~having people in my house


kelly said...

sounds like a very wonderful season to me! Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Eva said...

I love the stuff you sewed!!
Is that the same fabric as the bedding you made? Still waiting for photos ya know... ;)

Amanda said...

I always love your words.

Marcy said...

Great summary Heather!

Jamy said...

Heather, i love the way you wrote out this post. Happy New Year