Monday, January 09, 2006

the weekend, phone calls and other things...

i don't have a digital camera right now as dave took it to russia so it seems silly to post with no pics to show you but i figured i should post anyways. had an ok weekend other than not alot of sleep. can't seem to sleep these days. i cleaned, was crafty and hung out with friends which was nice. sunday morning i was woken up to the most beautiful voice and got to speak with dave for almost 20 minutes. it was so good to hear from him. they are well a bit on the cold side but doing good. its about -25 with windchill and most of the time they are skating on outdoor rinks. yikes. but they seem to be in high gear and attracting lots of people to hang out with. it was so good to hear his voice and i figured i could make it another week now without hearing from him but then this morning the phone rings and its him again!! i was so excited i barely knew what to say. it was nice to have those morning calls and i feel a bit spoiled.
i get ready to leave to manitoba tommorow and i am looking forward to being home and eating good home cooked meals, seeing friends and family and just relaxing. i get to see lindsey tommorow and will stay with her my first night there and hang out with her on wednesday i am really looking forward to seeing her. so yeah thats about it. i still need to pack and get some work things done before i leave but keeping busy helps pass the time. thanks for all your kind calls and emails it means alot. i will post again in manitoba and will have use of my parents digital pics so i can email you some more pics of my ever growing belly. enjoy today!

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Lydia said...

hope your trio to MB went ok. can't wait to see pics of you!!