Tuesday, January 03, 2006

got my sad face on...

so dave has left and is sleeping right now somewhere in Russia...its lonley in our house without him. i figure its ok to be sad and all the well wishers who keep telling me oh but hes doing good work need to stop.. of course i am happy he is doing good work and of course out of anyone in the whole world i am proudest of him and happy he gets this experience but for goodness sake i am still going to be sad and all you have to say is thats ok heather you can be sad because you love him and miss him.
so with all that being said.. i am proud of him and i know that the people of russia and the team are super lucky to have dave with them but i am still going to hope the time goes by quickly.


Lauraine said...

Hi Heather,

It is okay to be sad when you miss someone. I'd be worried if you weren't sad lol.
I will be coming to Vancouver on January 12 and was wondering if you would have time to see me?
Let me know. Email me.
I am so happy to be reading about all your news.


The Stiffs said...

Hi Heather,
Sorry to hear that you're lonely. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be a close companion during this time.....in answer to your q on our blog, we're in Japan for 2 years, back in Canada in fall 2007.
Until next time,