Thursday, January 05, 2006

looking up..

been a good couple of days. i have been keeping busy and have been trying to surround myself with people. its only hard in my lonely house. i heard from dave and they are doing well. they are currently on a 23 hour train ride through the beautiful land of russia. they spent yesterday walking around red square and dave said it was breathtaking. i'm excited that he gets to have this experience. just wanted to let you all know things are better. i miss him but i've already made it three days! i leave for manitoba on tuesday which will be nice to catch up with family and friends. i'll post more later. enjoy your day!


mathewandcarly said...

glad you are doing better. hope your time with your family and friends is awesome. keep me in your prayers over the next couple weeks.....and know you're in mine!! hope to hear from you soon honey! much love!!!!

Nova said...

hang in there, heather! i know you miss your honey; you're doing great!! :)

Reesh said...

It's always hard to be the one left behind instead of the one leaving. I think your trip to Manitoba will be very good for you as it will get you out of your routine which is totally normal except that it's missing your hubby. Have a great time!!

Lydia said...

thinking of you Heather!!!


ps. have fun in MB! :)