Monday, January 23, 2006

3 more sleeps!!!

i can't belive it. 3 more sleeps and in 4 days i will be hugging dave. it feels like he has been gone forever! i fly back to vancouver tonight. i hate flying but today i am looking forward to getting on the plane.
things were good here at home it was great to see people. i even got to hang out with lisa last night and went for breakfast with her this morning which made the trip complete. i must say william gets cuter and cuter. hopefully she will send me a recent pic and i will post it all for you to see.
i am feeling the baby lots more lately its the most incredible feeling. i'm feeling good other than bad gas pains, bleeding gums and acid reflux.
time to get going. think of dave as he travels alone from perm to moscow on the 23 hour train ride and then waits 5+hours at the moscow airport. so soon he will be home!!!!!!
have a great day!


Reesh said...

Just making sure you got my e-mail with the sidebar photos html code?

Safe travels tomorrow...

Angel said...

can not believe you are pregnant still...i mean look at that are so tiny! and cute!

I'm sure being away from Dave has been hard, I can't imagine, but you always give me hope - if Leigh should ever have to leave...I guess i might survive.
I look forward to seeing your beautiful face again!
(in person)