Monday, June 06, 2011


happy birthday jett. it's so hard to believe you have been with us for one year. you made your early entrance super dramatic. and you just fit right in.

you have changed some much over the year but there are some things that make you who you are.

i love how you are ready to smile all the time. especially at the male population. you are a guys guy. for the most part your personality is pretty mellow although you are super active. you started moving early and have not stopped since.

having two older brothers is a double edged sword... they LOVE you so much which is good but they LOVE you SO much sometimes it's bad.. you put up with it alright but I can only imagine how you will get them back some day.

we are so thankful you are part of our family. the transition to three has not been that hard... maybe cause you are just one person. you are (now) a great sleeper. which is a huge help for my sanity.

your silly side shows up the crinkle of your nose when you are happy.

your cuddly and warm always ready for a snuggle or two. you have a special relationship with your papa. he is the one person you consistently want whenever he's in a room. the way you light up and hold up your arms is adorable.

so thankful for this last year.. we made it a GREAT one. so happy you are in it.

you make me happy when skies are grey.


valerie said...

Awesome post! Happy birthday, Jett!

Jenelle Suderman said...

CUTE! happy birthday jettie!!!

Crystal said...

Oh Jettie. Such a sweetie. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Wenona said...

Great post!! Happy 1st birthday Jett!! Here's to many more...

judith voth said...

heather, you are so amazing at recording your children's life journeys. as special as these entries are now, what incredible treasure they will become as time goes on. what a gift!

Monica Di Francesco said...

So glad I could be there when he was born.

I miss seeing him and the boys grow before my eyes.


Drea said...

you have such a sweet family!

I came from Staceys blog btw :)