Wednesday, June 01, 2011

random wednesday

waiting on some birthday party pics then I'll be back for that.. I also have a more in depth blog in process.. and of course next week we celebrate one year of Jett. lots to look forward to over here. for now... I am reminded as I enter my last month of Maternity leave to enjoy all moments of each day. so from today...

we had some excitement in the form of a crazy wind storm yesterday... the boys asked me if I thought it was so windy our house or our trees would blow over.. I said no of course not... then I walked by the window...
this morning it provided hours of fun!

Lunch today was yummy. I am in LOVE with this dressing. Throw some walnuts, cashews & almonds... Awesome. I also roasted my first ever chicken yesterday... it was kind of a gong show as our power went out for most of the afternoon but wow it is SO good.

One thing about living in the village is we have no garbage pick up.. so we burn most of our garbage.. We have really enjoyed composting and this is usually on the counter (with a lid when it's not meal prep time) :)

Speaking of recycling this guy can often be found in the corner by the door "sorting" the recycling I've thrown over there.. yea he is that cute!!

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Wenona said...

crazy that your tree blew over - that was some scary wind!