Friday, June 10, 2011

a GIANT tiny party.

I decided to do one big party this year. For the last time :) Next year the boys can invite their own friends over... So I figured since we were celebrating a one year old and two five year olds I would go all out. It was a GREAT day.

There was a some frog catching to start the party off right.

We played a couple minute to win in style games.. junk in the trunk and a dice stacking game.

There was the indestructible pinata (Dave had to hack it to get it to open... )

Jett had some friends over too... they had their own kind of fun.

I tried to stick with a tiny theme for the food... tiny smokies, Italian sausage sliders complete with tiny buns for both. veggie's in dip, pasta salad, potato salad and of course chips.

For dessert I made rainbow cupcakes. I had seen them on pinterest and had to try them. It was super easy and I think pretty cute. The boys LOVED them.

Jett was all in. He loved it.

For the favors I had so much fun. I filled bags with all things tiny.

It was a great party. No chaos just tons of fun. Thankfully the rain stopped in time for us to enjoy the outside a bit. Helps with 15 kids... It was a great day!
Thanks to Lisa for all the awesome pics. It helped to not have to remember to take pictures.. plus she's good at it.. :)

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Monica Di Francesco said...

Sorry we couldn't be there.

Heather you always put your heart and hands into everything you do.