Thursday, April 10, 2014

A better me.. inside & out.

I posted before why I became a Beachbody Coach and ultimately am still everyday realizing how lucky I am to be apart of such an amazing thing.. I often was looking for health & fitness to come together for me.. I have found nutrition in other supplements that I liked and I have found fitness in areas I liked.. but none of them ever came together in such a perfect package.

Until I found Beachbody and T25 and the 21 Day Fix. I am eagerly waiting on Les Mills Pump (We ordered it cause it interested Dave but I am also going to try it out and can't wait since I love lifting heavy weights.)

The working out part was not a huge change I was used to exercising regularly although the 25 or 30 min workouts that I could do at home helped alot... But what really has changed for me is adding Shakeology into my daily routine. It is my daily one dose of dense superfood nutrition. It is not a protein powder it is SO much more.. The cancer fighting, wrinkle reducing, energy inducing antioxidants and superfoods are in one shake. Nutrition is the biggest part of a healthy lifestyle.  Check it out and see!

It has helped reduce my cravings and given me a simple easy breakfast.. especially when I am on the go in the mornings.. I love how the Stallion has also jumped on board and we are both loving our daily shake!!

Nothing feels as good as healthy feels. It has literally changed me from the inside out. I'd love to help you so if you want to try it out let me know! I have samples and would love to help you find a program that could jump start your journey to complete health & fitness!

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stacey said...

Hey heather.. I would love some more info on Beach Body and the T21 workout. I am 2 months post partum and nursing.. I'm assuming the shakes would be a good addition to my diet, I'd love a sample if possible?
Also - how do you find the work out? I've mostly done Jillian Michaels workouts at home because I like that they can be so short and I can easily fit them into my day.
Let me know what you think. You can email me at

Stacey Nickel