Monday, June 12, 2006

and then there were three...

well we have had our little noah with us since friday evening. what a wierd feeling taking him from the hospital without his brother.. it has been going real well. he is so sweet. he has done so well in the midst of these circumstances. its amazing how adaptable they are. we are staying at a house offered to us by complete strangers (friends of the fabulous friends we had been staying with). we go in to see ari when we can and although it doesn't feel like enough ari is resiliant and continues to be a champ at breastfeeding and the most mellow easy going guy.
we are hoping to be bringing ari home with us tommorow. we all need to go home. i have been in winnipeg for far too long. today is the boys 3 week birthday and although time has flown by its long overdue to head home and settle into life with our new family.
we will update you more as the week goes on. i really appreciate having this medium to share with you all whats going on and know that we have so many people sending positive thoughts our way. hopefully next post it will be just the four of us enjoying snuggles in our own bed at home.


Julia Di Francesco said...

yay 1 out and only one more to go! Come on little Ari you can do it! Really hoping you can all be home together soon:)
You are doing so awsome guys very proud of you all.
hugs and kissess

Monica said...

We'e all praying and routing for you Ari. Way da go Noah. Dave and Heather you've been real troopers yourself in all of this.

Love you lots, Mom and Grandma

lagiulia said...

I hope that your Ari can come home soon. Our Miles was in the hospital for 3 weeks, but Jesse lagged behind for another week. That time of them being split up was very stressful. It sounds like you're handling it with much more calm than I. I would come home from the hospital, which was an hour away, and cry my eyes out every night. My prayers and hopes to you and your family. It sounds like both of your boys are doing well, no doubt thanks in part to your love.

soph's mum said...

go ari go!!!!
oh, wow, i can't imagine how it must feel to take noah home but not ari...soon, soon we pray. you guys are all so, so amazing.
love you

Emily Deu said...

hey heather, my internet has been wacky, I'll try and call you tomorrow.