Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy fathers day

well we are making it.. every day seems to get better and better. its amazing to see the progress our little guys are making. they get bigger and bigger each day. on thursday our midwife came and weighed them and noah was 6lbs1oz and ari was 5lbs14oz.
i plan to write a better blog this week but here are some more pics to tide you over till then.


Reesh said...

You guys just look so damn happy! You make having twins look easy!! Happy Fathers Day Dave!

Kristina said...

ya , you guys look really happy...you make me want babies too. I love the pic of you with them

Grand-père said...

Great pix!
¡Qué fotos!
Quelles photos!

craigchurch said...

every time i read your updates i smile really wide.

lagiulia said...

Ah, so incredibly cute. What beautiful little guys! It is not easy, but it is also not always as hard as people assume it is either. I hope you enjoy them, and please let me know if you have any concerns that you could use help with!

lindsey said...

i love the pics! you have some cute kids!! love you lots!

Monica said...

Dave you look so natural and relaxed with 2 babies in your lap.
Heather you are just glowing.
Ari and Noah you're growing so fast.
Love to all.
Mom and Grandma

auntie ev said...

hey there! thanks for the picture update. I was just showing off these pics to one of my housemates and I commented on how you both were glowing with joy... and then I read my mom's comment and she used the same word! Your radiance is evident to all :)

Stu Bish said...

Cute, very cute. And I didn't even mention the twins yet.

I"m looking forward to meeting them soon!

things are CRAZY here as you could imagine....

Lydia said...

keep the pics a comin'!!!

you all look so great!!! :) especially with the pace you are going at!

love you so much!

auntie lyds

Angel said...

ummm...how can you manage to look so DAMN great Heather!!! You look fabulous ALL the time....You too Dave - OH so fabulous!!! You are such an amazing happy family.
wish i could hold your boys..
can't wait til I do!