Tuesday, December 26, 2006

what the heck *$#&%#*

well christmas has come and gone.. we did have fun for the most part but heres my trouble... my very good boys who sleep so well at home are not having it anywhere else... its really hard since we have been at my parents alot this season...yea sucks. they just scream and it takes alot of patting, sticking soothers in, turning over and just listening to wailing... seriously at home we put them down and they sleep instantly...it takes us sometimes half and hour to get them to nap and forget putting them down for the evening.. yikes!! so all this terror to say i am not looking forward to going to Ontario at the end of the week and having them not want to nap or sleep in a new place.. i just know this will be torture.. so please if you think of it send my boys sleepy thoughts... the next post will be happy with pics of the boys christmas and there new fasination with wrapping paper... its adorable!

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Dixie said...

I remember those days... no fun. And they usually happened at my husband's parents' house, which means I couldn't really say too to tell them to stop walking so heavy or talking so loudly. I think I did a lot of sitting or laying next to the playpen with my eyes closed and singing lullabies and rubbing our kids' eyes to try and get them to sleep. I think eventually we just let them cry and cry and they got the hint. But, talk about ruining a potentially relaxing time! Hope Ontario goes better for you!