Tuesday, December 26, 2006

dreaming of christmas time...

Our fave hats... brr its cold outside
Noah loving the jolly jumper
Bouncin Ari
Ari would rather nap with Daddy
Noah is all smiles
Noah has a thing for blondes
All the Loewen cousins.. 06
Ari opening presents with Auntie Tam
Christmas morning play time
Just what I wanted under the tree this year!!

Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year.. hopefully this abundance of pics will keep you going for awhile.. we are off to Ontario on friday and I am not sure how much I will be posting.. enjoy the rest of your holiday season.. much love to you and yours.. from us the difran clan....


auntie ev said...

hey boys,
it looks like you had a great first christmas!!
i love you!

lindsey said...

very cute pictures heather! they have the cutest smiles! can't wait to see you!

Connie said...

hi heather! i stumbled across your blog through Gina's. i'm hooked! i'm a mom of identicle twins. but mine are 9 now. your boys are beautiful! hope you don't mind if i check in every once in a while... :)