Tuesday, April 20, 2010


today was really not a great day. i wanted to not even post about it but i guess that's how it goes.. you take the good with the bad.
our morning started like most mornings... picking cereal.

we take our cereal pretty seriously around these parts... and the boys like it mixed. has to be more than one kind. and some days we have cereal and we have oatmeal. today was one of those days.

this morning was a grumpy one... we had more meltdowns that normal. one of the more frustrating things lately is getting dressed. like me these days they won't wear pants with buttons.. ari refuses to wear anything but sweatpants and don't even get me started on the whole sock thing.. they fight me about the "bumpy's" or little grips on the socks.
anyways off to work after dropping the boys off.

normal day.... although why is there always someone in the bathroom when I need it.
We continued down the meltdown path... we need to figure out an appropriate quiet time method.. i think a little separation is in order.
We ate snack...

I unpacked my big Norwex order for the fundraiser I do for a preschool... It's a crazy amount of stuff.

We played outside and after numerous fights and complaints of how tired they were.. I gave in and we went for a drive.. by the time we hit Winkler they were fast asleep.
Supper was easy tonight and we ate it standing at the island cause of the state of the kitchen table.

We met my parents at TSC where we picked up this new friend...

for us a necessesity on our large yard. Don't get me wrong we are poorer than poor and had to borrow the money for it but we knew we wouldn't get very far without it so away we go. Dave liked the power and I imagine at least for this summer it will be a novelty.

Ari had been complaining of a headache for most of the evening... like really complaining. It was strange and then he puked.. all over his bed. It was gross and Noah said he never wanted to see that again.
After we had him all cleaned up he did a dance and said he felt so much better.. so here's to crossing our fingers for a good night.
Now I am cuddling a rootbeer and watching Lost waiting for tomorrow to come.. cause I just know that it has to be better.


Holly said...

haha i laughed at the part where Noah said he never wanted to see puke again. i'm sure tomorrow will be better! and congrats on the riding mower!

kelly ens said...

we had a very melt-down-y day yesterday too :( ours didn't end with puke though...hope today is a better day and that Ari feels better!

Angela said...

My daughter was the queen of meltdowns. Especially about socks! So I can relate...
I hope you have a much better day today!

Karla said...

Dave is lookin fine sitting on his new set of wheels. Real fine.

Tam said...

hope todays been better!

Jenelle Suderman said...

i wish i could have been there to help you with the order again. Sorry to hear that you had a meltdown kinda day...i hope today was better!! :)

valerie said...

Oh Heather. Don't get me started about socks. We STILL deal with it every day. Good luck.